Kauilapele – For Drake Followers… A PDF Document You May Like To Read… – 12 May 2012

[UPDATED 1534 HST, below.]

Somehow I found this at Wolf Spirit Radio’s website. It is a set of answers to FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) by Drake. The version that I have here was updated on 5-6-12.Presumably updates will be made available when Drake puts out more information. I found this helpful, as it lays out in print form what Drake has stated about a variety of things.

The reason I always like to download it to my computer and storage site, is to ensure it’s available if the original website is corrupted or “invaded” or hacked.

So here are the links to this pdf:

From original website (presumably link will remain the same even after updates): http://www.wolfspiritradio.com/main/assets/Freedom_Reigns/FAQ.pdf

From KP storage area: http://tinyurl.com/89l2nx7 (I will keep this link the same, and update this when a new one comes out)

[UPDATE 1534 HST: This paragraph had some useful information, especially if you have questions for Drake you’d like answered on the next call.

“Due to the larger number of questions that we receive during interviews with Drake, they may not all be answered. You can email questions to: freedomreignsusa@gmail.com. Questions will be answered the following Sunday’s broadcast. Deatra has stressed that if you ask questions that they have already answered, she will ignore them.”

http://www.kauilapele.wordpress.com link to original article


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