Laura Bruno – Easy Gardening Anywhere – 12 May 2012

David and I just bought a version of these Garden Grow Soxx, so that we can maximize the restrictive gardening options at our home. With lots of neighboring trees, our sunshine spots occur in unusual areas that don’t necessarily have the richest soil. I learned a lot last year with my 3-side of the house garden in containers, on the ground and in raised beds and window boxes. This year, we’re opting for maximum yield from minimal space and effort. We saw the Garden Grow Soxx in 3-foot packages or 50-foot rolls at a local gardening event and bought the 50-feet for $50. We’ll get some organic compost this week to add to our own compost and fill up some bags.

For anyone wondering how they can grow a garden wherever they live, here are some ideas, including waist-high garden beds for people in wheelchairs, hanging plants, hydroponic window gardens, and growing on concrete:

I’ve had potted herbs growing inside all winter. Although my thyme-oregano pot seems to have declared “the end of thyme,” everything else, including basil, parsley, rosemary and sage have thrived. I’ve also turned my southern window home office into a plant starter spot with different types of kale, chard, lettuce, nasturtiums, tomato and collards soon ready to stick into those Garden Grow Soxx. I will be seeding some cucumbers and marigolds outside, too. I’ll let you know how it goes this year, but between the compost-rich garden and some strategically invited “weeds” like stinging nettles, apple mint, peppermint and perennial chives, we’ve already got fresh things growing in a less than ideal gardening plot.

The more that we reclaim responsibility and control over our food supply, turning it local, reducing packaging, waste, and transit time and energy, the more we can remove ourselves from the failing corporations and lifestyles of the old paradigm. Plus, fresh and wild foods pack more nutrition and just taste better! If you live in an apartment, consider a window herb garden, or some potted fruit trees or veggies on a patio or deck.

You can also grow sprouts in any kitchen with just a small jar and a mesh top. Some people use an angled dish rack option for draining, but I’ve grown sprouts and just used a towel under the jar to keep the angle appropriate to drainage. Super easy! Any time you add fresh, living food to your diet, you add more oomph to your nutrition and your body, mind and spirit thank you for the jolt of life.

I hope this post inspires you to take the next step from wherever you already are. Millions of baby steps around the world add up! link to original article

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    Thanks, Lucas, and here’s the link for the second video of the window gardens: Not sure what happened with the repeat of the first link. 🙂

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