Lee-Anne Peters – Love Has No Rules – It Simply Is! – 13 May 2012

I receive emails almost daily asking personal and general questions about Twin Flame LOVE, and as much as I would LOVE to have time to read and respond to them all – I just don’t. So from time to time I will share my thoughts in these blogs to help answer some general questions I receive.

One thing I LOVE about the Twin Flame connection is that there are absolutely no rules! ‘Differences’ that may have mattered once in a more karmic ‘soul mate’ relationship do not concern Twin Flames. Things like age, gender, race and even things like one being in spirit and the other on Earth are all differences that are blasted away by this LOVE. LOVE has no rules – it simply IS!! When you find yourself questioning ‘differences’ like these you are approaching this LOVE from a mind based reality – possibly one based on beliefs, expectations and old programming. We really don’t need to carry such limitations with us any longer.

When we have ‘rules’ on things it limits the potential of that thing – it halts the possibilities immediately.

Can you put LOVE in a box? Is it possible to limit such an incredible and all inspiring energy? For those of us lucky enough to have experienced a true Twin Flame connection will know that you cannot EVER limit this LOVE – for it has no limitations!

Welcome the ‘limitless’ LOVE into your heart, body, mind and spirit and allow it to sweep you into your EXPANSION. It doesn’t matter about what others think, what society says or ‘differences’ between you – You are Twin Flames and YOU both will EXPAND together into forever!!


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Lee-Anne Peters is an author, artist, mentor, speaker and radio host. Lee-Anne met her Twin Flame online in late 2008. 3 months later they remembered their LOVE, and 10 weeks later Cory moved from Texas to be with Lee-Anne in Australia. They have never parted physically since! Learn more on their website: http://divineunion.templeofbalance.com

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