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Kauilapele – KP Message…For All Galactic Travelers: “Time To Stop, Drop, And Stand Up… STOP Stirring The Fear Pot, DROP The Fear, And STAND UP With The Light” – 13 May 2012

I’ve read some things lately, and had to stop reading them, because they were all saying exactly the same thing: “Be afraid. Be very afraid.”

You know what those “things” are, what those articles are, and what those sites are. Just go to your internet search engine and type in any of the following words, and you’ll find some of them: doom, Obama, Bush, Clinton, 2012, NWO, cabal, USA, government, conspiracy, popcorn, macadamia nuts (okay, maybe the last two don’t fit here; but I would not be surprised if someone wrote articles about how the “cabal” has rigged microwave popcorn and macadamia nut packages to explode all at once, everywhere around the world, on December 21, 2012, blinding everyone on the planet, and allowing the dark ones to take over a very shocked (although much tastier and nuttier) planet). Continue reading


Happy Mothers Day To All Mothers!

The day in honour and gratitude  to the  energy that is the feminine and  gives birth to creation. The day we think of our own Mothers, Grandmothers and Mothers to be. In honour of those who carried  the seed of the new and nurtured it till it grew to be the you that is now in existence.

A beautiful day wished to you all and remember we need your energy to make a difference in this time of change where the male dominant energy needs to be brought back to the proportions it needs to be.

Happy Mothers Day!

Love and light,


John Ward – Euroblown : Tinbrain The Troikanaut Goes Election Manipulating (Again) – 13 May 2012

ImageMaking a drama out of a drachma

The Athenian news site Real News reports this morning that The IMF/EU Troika of Terror is willing to make six conciliatory changes to Greece’s program….if a pro-bailout terms government is formed in the country.

In other news, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced that she was prepared to desist from nuking China if the Beijing regime would just raise the Remnimbe’s value by 25%, Angela Merkel told a press conference in Berlin that she would pay €8m in cash to any French voter prepared to assassinate Francois Hollande, and Herman van Rompuy told an audience in Brussels that every EU country had the inalienable democratic right to vote yes to everything he says as often as they like. Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Brussels Raises Red Flag On French Deficit, Hollande Blames Hidden Taxes Of Sarkozy; France In Deep Trouble Already – 13 May 2012

French president-elect François Hollande has launched a preemptive attack blaming outgoing president Nicolas Sarkozy for the huge budget deficit of France. Given Hollande wants to tax millionaires 75%, I find it quite ironic that Hollande blames the problem on “hidden taxes” of Sarkozy. Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – The Key To Relationships – 13 May 2012

God said:

Hasten your heart to speak its language. Your heart’s language is love. Languages are to be spoken. That is what they are for. Words are not the only language. Without words, love can be spoken very well.

You may be rusty in speaking the language of love. If your giving love has been squeaky, oil your love with practice. Practice the giving of love, and you will be a natural speaker. You will not know how to stop expressing love. It is natural to express love. Love is meant to be expressed. A cow gives milk. A heart gives love. Pump that heart of yours, and love will express itself. Continue reading

GaiamTV – Lisa Garr Interviews Doreen Virtue – 13 May 2012

Looking for new ways to connect with Source? Listen to this amazing heart-centered interview with angel therapist Doreen Virtue. Continue reading

John Smallman – Saul – With The Preparations Complete, A Most Wonderful Experience Is About To Envelop You – 13 May 2012

The awakening of humanity into full awareness of its true identity will be an event of enormous importance for all of God’s divine creation, and that importance cannot be overemphasized.  Many eons have been spent preparing for this extraordinary event, and now, with the preparations complete, a most wonderful experience is about to envelop you. Continue reading