Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – The Oneness Of Life – 14 May 2012

God said:

Be My love. Be it. Be what I made you. Be the love of your own life. Be an inspiration to yourself. Look not so much for inspiration outside you. It is there, yet assert inspiration within you, within your heart. You who are in Truth dependent on every other Being are, at the same time, the One Self-sufficient, an ennobling One Being. All there is is you, which is the same as to say all there is is I. Oneness alone is. God alone is.

It can’t be a coincidence that We are One together. It only seems as if We came from two. The Truth is that Oneness is, and that is enough to know.

I bless Our Oneness, this One of which two speak, and two hear. There is an echo We hear, for there is truly only One of Us, One of Me, One of Me with this image that splashes before My eyes and sees a you, an alternative Me, as it were, when there is no alternative. Oneness is, or it is not, and Oneness is.

And I welcome you to Oneness which is all there has ever been. I say All as if All-ness were a little thing, as if All were a lesser state of magnificence, and, of course, because your sense of Oneness is riddled with fear, it is less. And yet I ask: “Can the Totality be less than the Oneness?” It can be anything the mind thinks, and, yet, what the mind thinks changes nothing but an idea. The Totality is Oneness. Oneness is the summation of love.

Oneness is not an island. You know that. Oneness is an engagement of love that can only be love overtaking its own Self. Love is incapable of separating. It can only integrate. It can only blend. Love and Oneness are like two ingredients put into a blender, and, voilà there is One Milkshake.

Let Us start with Our Creation and bless it to its Oneness. The blender is in Our hearts. Love is the ambrosia of the One God. Love is the manna from Heaven. What else could be the manna from Heaven but love?

The material world was created from a song. The song was of love. Hear it now. This song of love is running through your bloodstream, your cells, your DNA, your very Being. You are the song of love, and you are the singer of it, and you are the love. You are the medal pinned on yourself.

From Self to self, or self to Self, you enjoy a cup of coffee. You enjoy a cigarette, and your eyes light up at imaginary loved ones surrounding you, for the Reality is that you are One, and there is no coffee, and you do not smoke a cigarette. You shine forth. You are enjoying your One Self which is to say that I am enjoying very much. Which of Us is other than Oneness? If there is One, there is Oneness, and it is shared by the Oneness of Life.

There is an outpouring of love loose upon the Earth. The world soaks it up. The world drinks deeply. Love is rife upon the Earth. Love has landed the way men landed on the Moon. Love is discovering itself on Earth. Love walks up and down and every which way. Love leaps. Love covers the whole planet. The planet’s new name shall be Love. All will walk in Love on the planet Love. Oneness is All, and Oneness shall walk in love, loving itself, loving love, loving Being. Love walks tall. Love rises. All rise to the occasion of love and note it in their hearts, in their One Heart of Love. link to original article

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