Graham Dewyea – Our Galactic Family – With Dr. Bob Siblerud – InLight Radio Blogtalkradio – 14 May 2012

Graham Dewyea presents Our Galactic Family with Dr. Bob Siblerud, author of Our Galactic Visitors: The Extraterrestrial Influence. May 13, 2012

Dr. Siblerud, known as a liaison between new thought and science, has researched extensively the influence and presence of our star family. He discusses his work with Drs. Maury Albertson, Leo Sprinkle, Astronaut Brian O’Leary, and Stephen Greer.  He also discusses the science of channeled messages, the Principle of Oneness, spiritual awakenings after abductions, ancient civilizations, how races have previously inhabited earth, how the Annunaki engineered humans and their use of religions for control, the Philadelphia Experiment, how star beings are preventing nuclear war, how they are responsible for many of our plants and animals, twelve foot inner earth Agarthans, the Admiral Byrd exhibition, and more.

Music: Rene Aubry, La Grande Cascade

Listen live Sunday evening at 8pm EST by calling in or clicking on the show link that appears at the start of the show. A recorded archive and description will be available after the show.

Direct link to the Our Galactic Family InLight Radioshow


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