Jeleila Starr – Niburian Council – Update On Nibiru And Our Global Future – 14 May 2012

Been getting numerous emails requesting an update on Nibiru’s passing along with any global changes in store. Years ago, at the beginning of my mission, I was informed that Nibiru would be a catalyst for change. I was told that when a bright yellow/orange star appeared in the sky, it would be the time of humanity’s return to full consciousness. I think we are seeing that happening now.

Nibiru is still inbound and will complete her circuit in our sector by the end of 2013. Because of her size and magnetism, Nibiru is putting pressure on sun causing massive solar flares. These flares will continue to increase until she is outbound.

Solar activity not only affects our weather, it is affecting us on a cellular level. Many report feeling as though their cells are activating, dormant codes long held in DNA are being fired, bringing new awareness. Yes, humanity is waking up from thousands of years of amnesia having forgotten who we are. Movies like Thrive are spurring this awakening along, allowing us to fast track a process that might have taken many more years. Expect to see more movies like it in the near future. It is as though a trend has begun. As more and more people get involved, the new idea will take hold and like computers back in the 70s, become an everyday part of our society. Soon it will be hip to be awakened, to know that we live numerous lives rather than one, to have daily and active communication with our guides.

We are headed back to our true selves and a galactic level of consciousness. Soon we will converse with our galactic neighbors and colonize, or rather recolonize, planets that used to be home to many of us.

On the more mundane level, I think we will see that we will be using a new financial system by then end of this year. The race will be on to bring new technologies to the market, some of which will end our dependency on oil.

The Federal Reserve will be gone and the IRS will be on its way out. We will shake off the chains of financial slavery and for the first time, go to sleep in homes that we completely own. Our children will grow up and inherit a world free from the burden of paying for debts incurred by previous generations.

Nibiru is a catalyst for change. We have no need to fear her passing. As I’ve written in previous weekly messages, due to all the consciousness jumps we have made, we have earned a free pass this time. Nibiru will come by and we will expereince very minor changes so please let go of your fear in this regard.

We came here to help with the changes and boy are things changing! And though times are tough right now with people losing their jobs, their homes and many scared about how they are going to get through the coming days and months, we must keep in mind that change involves chaos.

Hang on to your hope cause it’s going to get better and sooner rather than later…within the next 6 months. Keep the faith, keep asking your guides to show you the way; they are waiting to help. We are almost there! link to original article / link to original article

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  1. What a wonderful, uplifting and articulate message to read first thing in the morning. Thank you so much. God bless you.