Julie Lévesque – Iran Accused Of Being Behind 9/11Attacks – 14 May 2012

(Lucas: This indept story tells a bit more about the continuous attacks and demonisation of Iran as the instignator of 9/11 or  as a terror sponsor or now recent a owner of nuclear weapons which is even said by the intelligence services is not true. The reason is seeking a war and seeking a black sheep that diverts from the real issue, namingly the real domestic USA bandits and dark cabal that are behind this all. Now follows the article)  Global Research

The U.S. court judgment issued in December 2011 (Havlish v. Iran) which blames the Iran government for the 9/11 attacks is part of the propaganda ploy, which consists in demonizing the Islamic Republic of Iran. It is part and parcel of America’s ongoing war against Iran since the overthrow of its U.S.-backed monarchy in 1979.

Like many similar lawsuits in America, this legal procedure’s ultimate goal is to draw off important sums of money from the Iranian government leading to the possible confiscation of assets, thereby further strangling the country’s economy, already targeted by U.S. sanctions, while simultaneously reinforcing Iran’s image of  a “state sponsor of terrorism”.

Read the whole indept story at : http://www.pakalertpress.com link to original article

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