Larry Larson – Twelve Spirit – Twelve Insight – Your Future Is Energized By Your Attention Now – 14 May 2012


You are each an aspect of the Great Divine Being. You are each cells in that Great Body. And just as the cells of your body don’t exactly know what you are up to all of the time, so you do not have access to the whole picture while you are immersed in physical form. It’s OK. You are still part of the Whole Being that is God: All That Is: Source.

Source sees the world through every one of you. Source knows and experiences life through each of you. As we have said before, without you, Source has nowhere to go.

Why do we emphasize this so often? Because you must know, acknowledge, who you are in all of this, in order to realize it—to make it physical—and realize the fullness of your potential here. And the Source of All wants you to figure it out so that you express more, live more, experience more. You cannot fulfill your potential while you regard yourself as a little speck, or see yourself as somehow insignificant; it’s just not true.

You are God. If that is too much for you, then think of God as being you; you are a microcosmic reflection and reenactment of All That Is. God realizes Himself through you. The universe is woefully incomplete without you.

Your field of experience is uniquely expressive of the Desire of the One to be whole. That wholeness is expressed outward through your focal point of attention in the world. Your future experience is energized by your attention to things now. So you are creating more of whatever you attend to. Attention is the key. So if you are focused upon things that make you unhappy, expect more of it. And if you are focused upon what makes you feel good, rich, fulfilled, excited, expect more of that. It is that simple.

But just as your little index finger doesn’t really have to worry about where your feet are taking you, you needn’t worry about where the Source of All is taking your field—your personal cell of experience—today. Relax. Enjoy. Appreciate the ride and find more joyful things to focus your attention upon.

Imagine how you would feel if God would just smile upon you for this one day? That’s how your world feels when you smile upon it. That’s how people feel, and things, and events, and even the molecules of air and water feel joyful exuberance when you smile upon them. In this field of experience, this cell of the Great Body, you are Creator. So we think it is well worth it to pry the ego’s fear-driven fingers off of the steering wheel, and let your larger Self take control. You are steering the ship of creation with your attention.

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