Meredith Murphy – Message From Naeshira – The Pleiadian Emissaries Of Light Accompanied By Ashira – Greeting and Reflections – 14 May 2012

Greetings Dear Ones of Light,

It is a wonderful time to be here with you now, as the Earth approaches her last cycles in this passage toward greater unity and wholeness.  Returns of this sort are long anticipated and it is with this sense of enthusiasm and wonder that we join you today. 

Within your being are vast annals of information that transmit energy across what you think of as time.  You are a multidimensional portal of light and with your focus, give shape to this light in your realm, your world, and also in perhaps a less conscious way, you transmit continually to the whole and also to the streams of consciousness where you have resonance and affinity through focus experiences.

It is these streams we wish to speak to you of today for it will become more important in the coming days for you to trust what you experience within as your guidance will come forth in more specific ways to assist you in knowing where to be and how to ride out this passage into the history of time.

Life will not be the same on Earth as many of you have long sensed and are increasingly noticing.  There will no longer be many of the experiences that you have had in the past of conflict and disorder, as increasingly the higher vibration of the planet will make these energies incompatible with this point of focus vibrationally.

And so it is with the utmost confidence and focus that we invite you now to maintain your focus upon the New Earth and the love-filled vision of your world, and do not be distracted by the growing dissonance in those who are not yet energetically capable of flowing the new energies of the planet.  You experience them in ways where you might say they are resistant.  And they are.  But this resistance is energetic, and in many cases, not yet conscious.  There are many beings who truly do not know how to feel and understand life as you do…yet.  And so it is important that you not occupy yourself with wondering how to “get them” where “they need to be” and stay focused on elevating your own potential into fulfillment.

Realize that light informs all life and it is informing all life on your planet at this time and each person and all creatures and all of nature plays it’s part in a well conducted and orchestrated energy stream which is continually distilling and becoming clarified and coherent.

Nature organizes life on your planet to support the changes that are being made within the consciousness of Gaia.  As life within her sentience evolves you are supported in your own intent to upshift your vibration.  Realize that in doing so you are allowing all of life to have easier access to these pathways of newness and refined expression of being.

Life in the New Earth.

Life in the New Earth will open within each of you as you let go of the old. This sounds simple and yet in fact it is not that easy as you may have discovered from the ups and downs of your experience.  the old patterns or habits are all around you and inbedded in your own being and you will need to continually allow yourself to let go of the ways you used to do things and trust in what is leading, drawing your forward.

Because in the New Earth many of you will be fully capable of working with your own energy, there will be less need for healers.  Many healers will in fact develop new lines of self-expression that are far more creative and which will inspire greater energy in others through the perpetuation of a stream of beauty in your experience.

In the New Earth food and many other things will be created at a local level and the amount of air travel and such will diminish significantly and your skies and air will become clearer.  Many in the medical and healing professions who are on the leading edge will have transmitted their knowing to many young crystalline beings who will come into life and are already living, with an innate knowing of the proper, harmonic relationship to the planet.  You can learn a great deal from spending time with your youth who are happy, healthy, creating families and thriving.  They are building new ways of work, family and community and have inspired visions for life in their world.

Patterns are Overlaying Conduits of Fresh In-formation.

The older you are the more change you have seen on Earth in this lifetime. This clogs your thinking sometimes and it is important to expose yourself to new streams of thought.  Patterns of life overlay and mask conduits of fresh in-formation.  In human history of recent times there has been a diminishment of learning in later years of life.  There was a regaling of learning to early years. Many of you know that learning is expanding and elevating.  It supports creativity and energy expansion.  Remember that many of you will commence and learn, begin and create entirely new things!  It is as if you were dropped into an entirely new landscape with unlimited potential and expansive vision to create an ideal setting for yourself and your world.  How would you begin? Would you pray first and attune yourself to the space you were in?  Would you call forth insight and wisdom as to how you might be of service.  Would you gather together and realign your energies collectively to your new place, then act?  This is how you might begin to live on a daily basis and regularly together now.  Some of you already do this.  Realize that you have access to vast annals of information as light within your body and by commanding this energy you begin to access the wisdom traditions that you carry in your vessel and which will assure your fulfillment of your specific roles and intentions for this experience emerging here and now.

Remember that the Earth is organized vibrationally and as this vibrationally elevation rises it will become an imperative: the new is already operating on a separate bandwidth from the old, it is simple that the Earth is still supporting a lot of these bandwidths–new and old–and so they are visible in your experience to a degree.  When you find yourself entirely bathed in waves of love, you will recognize that you are living in the new.  When you feel empowered and exhilarated, awed and peaceful, you can see that you are in the new energies.  They are already available here and continuing to expand upward in frequency within you and within the sphere of the planet as a whole.  {Thank you, beautiful Gaia!}

Eclipse Passage to the Venus Transit

We transmit to you here and now because you are entering into a most sacred passage of time as you open yourself to the potential for true transformation at a cellular level during this upcoming eclipse cycle.  The eclipse cycles is your doorway to the Venus Transit in June and the June Solstice Energies which will ground this transit thus anchoring the Feminine Christ Consciousness on your planet.  This energy has been in diminished proportion for a long time in your experience and you are preparing now to open yourselves more fully to this Divine Feminine Energy that will bring your own being into a balance and harmony that you have not yet experienced in your current life on Earth.

The planet itself will absorb massive energetic transmissions during the Venus Transit and this energy will allow you to perceive life on Earth in new ways–ways that exhilarate you.  The sense of beauty, harmony, balance and love will pour forth into your plane of experience, amplified and accompanied by the solar transmissions from your sun, which carries divine encodings from the pre-birth planning of each of you here.  Many of you will be significantly activated by this transit, and some in particular will experience a full initiation into their divine roles on the actual day of the transit.

Newness within precedes newness in your world.  The changes and shifts you feel inside of you are real.  They are important and you can and ought to trust them.  We encourage you, in fact, to celebrate them as markers on your elevating path of light as love on Earth.

We treasure our long connection with this beautiful blue-green planet and await the opportunities for more direct collaboration in the future.

We are the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, with Naeshira and Ashira and we come to you in peace.

You are dearly loved!  link to original article


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