John Kettler – ETs/EDs Hit North Korea-Wreck Rocket Fuel/BW Complex! – 15 May 2012

ETs/EDsETs/EDs Strike At Night–Wipe Out North Korean Rocket Fuel Manufacturing & Storage Complex Plus Underground Biowarfare Facility Below!

ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/ extradimensionals) of the Liberation Forces unexpectedly struck the night of May 10th in North Korea, hitting a target complex ~ 50 miles north of the capital Pyongyang so hard that the fire and explosion were visible from space and reportedly promptly detected by U.S. satellites. The ETs/EDs said “We wanted to make sure it was visible.” Clearly, the ETs/EDs have been listening to repeated requests for externally verifiable actions.

According to sensitive insider sources, the U.S. doesn’t know what blew up, but is investigating. By contrast, the ETs/EDs reportedly managed to kill two targets with one strike: a vital rocket fuel manufacturing and storage facility above ground and a previously unknown biowarfare (BW) facility buried beneath it. This makes up for an earlier, failed attempt to strike such targets for North Korea’s involvement in supplying missiles and BW warheads to Iran and transport to Venezuela for the missiles which caused the Venezuelan Missile Crisis.

Persistent, Those ETs/EDs!

Despite being plagued with past strikes which hit the wrong timeline, difficulties engaging from higher dimensions, interference to firings caused by solar upheaval, weapon malfunctions, and more, this time the ETs/EDs got it right. Of course, it helped that the ETs/EDs attacking operated from a dimension lower than customarily employed by the Liberation Forces!  North Korea escaped the ETs/EDs’ punitive strikes in two different locations earlier because the strikes went temporally awry, but there was no reprieve this time. Down came the hammer, and up went the whole complex!  Apparently, the weaponry the ETs/EDs used opened up the biowarfare facility beneath to the searing flames of the burning rocket fuel facility, completely containing and destroying the BW agents and special personnel below. U.S. satellite imagery has now revealed a substantial crater where the complex was.

Breaking news! It’s now been officially confirmed by U.S. Intelligence that North Korea has no rocket fuel manufacturing capability remaining or fuel stockpiles. The North Koreans have officially admitted only to “a fire of unexplained origin at one of their rocket fuel  manufacturing facilities.” Understatement of the year, considering it’s the only one!

ETs/EDs, Dimensional Delays & A Resounding “Smack” In The Face

The nature of hyperdimensional warfare is inherently strange, and just how strange became apparent to the writer personally on Saturday, May 12 at 11:05 a.m. CDT. It had been a long, ugly, wired night, and the writer fell into bed at 11 a.m., fully expecting oblivion. No such luck! Five minutes later, sleep went out the window, as what the writer perceived as an explosion went off–smack in his face and with such power he fully expected to be knocked out of bed, but wasn’t.  After shaking himself off and getting over the shock of a completely unprecedented experience, the writer fell back to sleep, for about five minutes or so. You guessed it–another smack!  Fortunately, that was the last, allowing the writer to pass out and stay that way for a time.  Then things got weird.

Notification of the explosion came in, via a sensitive source, on Sunday, May 10th here, but the real surprise was when later discussions with the ETs/EDs and their ground contingent produced a real stunner. Saturday’s smacks came from Thursday’s strike on North Korea! Apparently, because of the hyperdimensional nature of the ETs/EDs‘ attack, this writer, who is an empath, didn’t feel it until three days later. Astounding! North Korea is 29 hours ahead of where the writer lives. link to original article


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