Lee-Anne Peters – My Visit To Shamballa! – 15 May 2012

Before you read on, I am sharing below my personal experience of recent days. This is being shared with you from my heart. Please take from my experience what feels right for you.

It was the eve of my birthday (which I have dubbed my ReBIRTHday) – 13th May 2012 and as I do each year – I create a day of reflection on the year just passed and a welcoming of the new year to come. For several days prior to my ReBIRTHday I let go of a lot – old emotional baggage came to the surface and demanded to be released. I cried, let go and cried some more. I felt like I lost kilos of emotional baggage – I felt free.

The afternoon before my ReBIRTHday I was in quiet reflection of my year just gone when a group of seven ‘Great Masters’ from spirit visited me. Well, they actually gathered around me and were led by Dwhal Khul – he was the spokesman. He told me that they were preparing me for initiation, and before me I saw a vision of a large white curved at the top door. It remained closed.

Later that evening during a meditation I saw these Great Masters groom and prepare me – brushing over my aura and dressing me. I was dressed in a purple gown with golden trim. They placed a golden piece on my forehead and pendant on my neck – this vision etched in my mind (see my interpretation that I drew above). They worked on me the rest of the night, and the morning I woke to my ReBIRTHday.
I flew straight into alignment with Dwhal Khul and the other Great Masters. In a vision I saw myself standing in front of the closed white door, I ran my right index finger down the join and turned the door handles. Here I was presented with another world, and Dwhal Khul told me that this is Shamballa. I was greeted by a man who was drawn only moments earlier in the above drawing. A Tibetan Man with a long white beard who wanted to be known as CHI. CHI showed me how to hold my energy vibration high and to run energy through my chakras while I was within Shamballa. Dwhal Khul then left and CHI took me to a running creek where we talked and he initiated my energy to new vibrations.
He spoke with me a lot about Shamballa and how it is a community united – it is a form of ascension or a cosmic party. He told me that I would be creating a ‘pocket’ of Shamballa. CHI said that Temple of Balance is within Shamballa, I created it and they will help hold it in energetic form until it manifests on this plane of existence. When the vibrations are in alignment, then Temple of Balance in Shamballa will be birthed. The Temple of Balance will attract Great Masters in the etheric and physical realms. Visitors will stay for months, weeks or days and that this will be a community of souls joining in togetherness.
Holding this vision CHI showed a vision of me wearing flowing white (I added that to the drawing from earlier).
CHI handed me a golden scroll. Part of what this scroll says is:
‘You know who you are – why you are here.
Step forward and fulfill your destiny, my dear!
Create your Shamballa on mountain high,
Rebirth this place that touches the sky.
You know how to do it, to reach for the stars.
Stretch your mind forward, Birth who you are!”
It is now about 24hrs later and I am still being held within Shamballa. Some interesting minor energetic blocks have surfaced which have been released as I lay in the running creek. I have also spent a lot of moments integrating this experience. Which includes nourishing myself, going gently, writing in my journal and just BE-ing.
I am so grateful for this experience and hold this dream of a physical Temple of Balance in my heart. Thank you for joining with me in this experience. All my LOVE, Lee-Anne

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