The Galactic Free Press – Daily Blue Star UFOs Report – Yes! Are We Really Here? – 15 May 2012

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new style for today, having a look about what’s going on and being told about around the Planet.

Some have explanations in other languages, thus I guess the videos don’t need a translation…

Enjoy it and let yourself be surprised!

Thank you for sharing and informing everyone you can… it’s IMPORTANT! The more we get out at people, the less will they be afraid.

Convegni e Seminari


Crop Circle

UFO / Misteri

— 14 maggio 2012

Some of these videos have been taken by hobby astronomer. We don’t know all of the authors of the videos and we reserve the possibilities that som might be fake. Take your own conclusions.


UFO / Misteri

14 maggio 2012

Chile’s News interviews Santiago’s citizens about the mass signtings that occurred on May 11th. Ufos? Baloons? All seem convinced it was UFOs. More than a hundred people saw them hoovering over their city skies.

CHICAGO: Mysterious presence flies over the City.

UFO / Misteri— 14 maggio 2012

A mysterious object has been seen and filmend in Chicago at 15.40. “It looked like a ghost, It flew there and I was just able to film it for a while, I’m sorry for my hand movments.”

MESSICO: Mysterious creature filmed by teens

Interazioni Umani/Alieni 04 maggio 2012

A group of teens playing together filmed themselves not noticing that they also filmed a mysterious light creature, very smal. This happened back in 2011 but the news has come to the public only now, as the boy that took the film noticed what he had actually filmed in the background. The film has been analysed and has not been modified in any way.


Interazioni Umani/Alieni — 02 maggio 2012

He’s contacted me by email to show me his photos and videos of his extradimentional beings encounter. His photos and videos have been analysed and cheched by many experts. He own all copyright of the images here shown.

I will post ony a few of them, if you want to see the rest go to this link:

This is what is called a ‘Starchild’ that Robbert dreamt about some days earlier. A nice starchild.

In the beginning they appeared only on the Digital Camera, but then also on the old film camera, and I’m ready to have them all analysed.”

LOVE YOU, and thanks for sharing!

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