Visionkeeper – Where Are We? – 15 May 2012

I am finding these days, that I tend to want to be to myself a lot more, and I am reading fewer and fewer websites as well. It reminds me of when I first began my spiritual journey. The first couple of years I read books until my eyes began to cross with fatigue, then suddenly the reading stopped and everything I had absorbed from the books turned into action. The walking the talk as it is referred to. This ascension process seems to be much the same thing. In the beginning there was a gathering close to discuss what was going on and sharing our experiences, but then slowly over time many have seemed to withdraw slightly from the need to know to mostly socializing. Most have begun to go inside to find the answers and rely on their own knowledge and gut feelings to show them the way.

So what is going on? Have the solar flares delivered enough information to us now for us to feel secure enough to stand on our own? Are we in practice mode, trying things on for size? Have we graduated to a higher level now that no longer requires us to use training wheels? As with everything else about this ascension process, nobody really knows for sure, we are all journeying forth to places where no man has been before. We are all explorers in a strange land. We are learning as we go along, comparing our experiences and relying on the support of others to help us keep our courage strong and our trust in what is, intact.

If we are finding ourselves heading out more on our own now, trusting in our decision-making, believing in where we are going, what is this new phase we are in? Have we all shifted yet again perhaps, without realizing the changes that were taking place? It seems to me a great deal of our journey is being made solely on trust for there are no tangible answers to grasp onto. We have learned a great deal already to be able to move forward just on trust alone, on what we feel inside, having just departed the concrete 3D world of the five senses where there had to be a reason and an answer for everything.

Staying centered in our hearts has helped us tremendously and in the end will get us to our final destination. In doing this we are relearning how to rely on ourselves and our inner knowing for guidance. It is best if we go with this flow and remember how we used to be this way all of the time, before our lives were taken hostage and our minds erased of all prior knowledge. It is hard to say just how far along in this ascension process we are. We can guess but that is all we can do at this time. It is a watch and wait scenario, and while we are waiting we should be practicing for the final shift when it comes. We need to be solid in our abilities to be love, to give love and to feel gratitude for all that is.

The needing to know where we are seems to have begun to fade as well. Those were the needs of the 3rd dimensional way of life and we are leaving that behind. We will be where we are meant to be, being who we were meant to be, doing what we are meant to be doing. We are finding the ability to be in limbo and not freak out. We are in a holding pattern and somehow we know the gasoline in the plane won’t run out. We have come a long way to be able to be in this state and remain calm and still hold love in our hearts. We have come further than we realize and we need to make note of this. We are doing a magnificent job and we must continue no matter what is taking place, to envision the world we desire and the freedom that awaits us all.

Blessings to you all,

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  1. Thank you for this … you clarified the “unclarifiable”! I too am feeling as if the road we are traveling has become more internal than ever before and though the journey is a solo trip, we still have the luxury of checking in on each other and feeling the connections in various ways.