Wes Annac – A Strange Thick – 15 May 2012

I’m beginning to return from my vacation/integration period in measured doses, and during this vacation of sorts I have found so very many parts of myself that are still not yet ready for the shift. By this I don’t just mean the shift into higher states of consciousness, I mean as well the changes that are to precede this shift.

We hear endlessly of these changes that are to come about and many of us take to turning our thoughts toward the Galactics and saying ‘come on already!’ as if these events were in their hands. As we are beginning to learn, such a mindset aimed at our Galactic brethren may be more hurtful than helpful, to them and to us as well in relation to our growth.

How prepared do you think you are for the changes? Have you began to imagine the repercussions for our personal Lives and what we see and feel is ‘normal’ when these changes begin to pick up? I personally have done a great deal of complaining, and a small deal of visualizing and actually readying myself for these changes.

Disclosure, the giving of technologies, the reuniting with our Space Family; these are events that are going to shock us, even those of us who know about these events and who feel that we are ‘prepared’. These events are going to surprise all of us, and we may come to find that we are not prepared in the least bit for all that is to transpire.

Don’t get me wrong; this may not apply to everyone. Certainly there are those out there who are preparing themselves with every fiber of themselves, for these changes and for the ascension resulting from these changes. There are meditation groups who are visualizing the ascension of Earth as well as the arrival of our Space Family, and there are more than likely plenty of people who are beginning to prepare themselves in the ways that we have been led to by our Galactic brethren for these changes.

That’s not to say that everyone who reads channeled messages and feels the reality that is our ascension and the changes that are set to precede our ascension are readying themselves and preparing as we should be. One would imagine that there are plenty, myself included, who think of these changes and who can’t wait for these changes and who are eager to say ‘get it on already!’ without realizing that we still have so much work to do in ourselves before we even resonate with the energies that will lay the foundation for these changes coming about.

My personal ‘sabbatical’ of sorts has shown me that I am not as prepared as I thought I was.

Sure, as one who communicates with the Galactics and has them give messages through my temple and as one who has come here for the very purposes of communicating with the Galactics, my ego would Love me to think that I am an infallible object of the Light and that I will just be able to lay all of my vices and vasanas down when I see a Mothership or a disclosure announcement, but that’s just not how it works! It’s not how it works for me, and it won’t be how it works for you. I wish it was otherwise, but that’s why we are here; to learn!

Indeed, I have my vices. I have my addictions that I’m not proud of. I have my occasional lower dimensional outbursts and behaviors. My ego-self is a finite human being, just waiting to be Loved, forgiven and transmuted by my ever-prevalent higher self, so that my ego can finally go off and join the rest of the soul who used to be in this body on his many more travels throughout this Creation.

My higher self is coming through my own body more and more every day, and is gently attempting to let my ego self know that the various vices and behavioral patterns that keep my ego prevalent and the higher dimensions away from my temple, are now being transmuted and this is happening to everybody on Earth right now, even those who we consider unawakened.

Sure, fragments of ego are ready to leave this plane and flow with the change going on, but those parts of us that are based in these dimensions and all that feed these dimensions which we have been growing away from, do not wish to go quite yet. Parts of ourselves do not wish to be transmuted and whisked away from this world, and I can say from first-hand experience that this process is no walk in the park; transmuting ego while in every moment attempting to sway away from it’s influence is about the hardest thing I’ve ever done, even if I and many of you have already done it before.

A bit of an incorrect mindset has been fed in myself for a long time; that is that when the Galactics arrive everything will be changed and will be different. I think that many people had the same naïve mindset when Barack Obama got elected to the White House, not knowing that the cabal’s cronies would all but surround him and make sure he gets no change enacted, while routinely putting out harsh propaganda against him that so many believe with all of themselves.

Barack Obama was not (yet) able to enter the White House and enact every change we wished to see by the snap of a finger, because the remnants of the dark still lingered quite effectively. In the same vein, when our Galactic brethren arrive we may not have as easy of a time with the entire event as we would have expected if we have not done the healing, transmuting and Life-Path work that we came here to do, because influential remnants of the dark will still be prevalent in ourselves. It is an inside and outside process, as all are truly One.

It’s so hard to actually feel with all of yourself that the most difficult Life lessons one has set out for oneself are not going to go away or be deleted by the Law of Grace and that rather, such lessons are before us right now in continuing intensity, until we learn once and for all from these lessons and until we enact the discipline and the change in our own Lives that will see the lower dimensional mindsets, attitudes and actions transmuted and sent away from our temples and complexes.

It’s easy to know this truth and to say it to others, but try feeling it and try acting upon and learning from the lessons it is meant to give you. I am learning that it is quite difficult.

When the beginning disclosure announcements come to fruition and when the Galactics arrive, there will be no turning back. There will be no time to review your Life and specific aspects of your Life over and over again, because we will be busy trying to keep up with all of the revelations we will be given. This is why it has been stressed so much that we must continue on and accelerate our own Life work and the clearing of the vasanas in ourselves that will make this entire event much more difficult for us if we do not do such work while we are meant to, in this time directly before the many revelations and disclosures.

Why do you think that the ‘wait’ has been so long? Do you not think that the Galactics are waiting for the ‘time’ along our own collective growth when our energies and learning of lessons have matched the resonance of the manifestation of these events?

I think that they can feel many of us and they can feel that many of us are still vastly less prepared than we even think we are.

Friends, our egos are diminishing. Everything that we have held onto and that has anchored us to this reality and to almost everything that we know as familiar is to be gone. Can you imagine that? I say this not to put anyone in fear of losing themselves, but if you felt fear from that statement than perhaps that is saying something.

When faced with the reality of everything that I have grown comfortable with diminishing before me, I certainly felt fearful. I’ll admit it. What’s not to fear at first?

Even with only being on this world for as short a time as I have been, the thought of moving away from everything that I have been comfortable with in this reality into something completely new, completely different, that I cannot consciously remember; at times this scares the hell out of me.

We place before ourselves all of that which we are comfortable with and which we feel defines our very existence, be it ego-based or otherwise, and for me the thought of letting all of these things go and actually feeling even if only for a second, a reality so different than the one I am in, so in-definable, so far away from everything that I have become comfortable with in this Life; it is a scary feeling.

It is a feeling of not knowing what is coming next, and this can be seen as the beginnings of the higher dimensional experience when looked upon from a certain perspective. Certainly not too scary, but difficult to understand from a third or fourth dimensional point of view and difficult to imagine oneself existing within, without our various ties to these familiar and comfortable dimensions that we exist in and have become used to.

We are ready for ascension. We are ready for the disclosures which are to precede our ascension. But how ready are we, really? When realizing the extent to which I must give up all of my lower dimensional habits and ties to be ready for ascension and disclosure alike, I expressed to my Guides that I felt like I was being bossed around, that I felt like I was being forced to give up a part of myself that I have become too familiar with.

Their response to me was that this experience we are currently undergoing, that of transcending physicality and growing toward etheric, higher dimensionality, is just about the hardest transition experience we will undergo. The higher realms will feel more familiar than any type of lower dimensionality, and it is simply this home stretch that will confuse us the most and make us feel like we are losing a part of ourselves.

We are! We are losing and transmuting those parts of ourselves based in physicality and the lower dimensions, and we are re-gaining [or rather remembering] those parts of ourselves that will feel so much more familiar, that we will enjoy feeling and remembering so very much more than the continual feeling and feeding of our ego selves.

We are in the thick of it now. Much catalytic depression and much seemingly-forced peeling away of the layers of my own prevalent ego have shown me this as well as all that I have written here.

I have so much more to say, but at the same time I don’t. It is a very strange thick we are in right now, one where I personally feel more inclined to find a spot in nature and just sit, meditate and be, than post on forums or involve myself with the internet and with the collective consciousness of which I know myself and us all are a part of.

I look forward to discussing these subjects in more depth with our Galactic brethren, when the energy is right to do so. For now, I recommend all of us take some real, serious, discerning looks at our Lives and at those parts of ourselves still based in any and all form of the lower dimensions, because as has been expressed before, we can’t take them with us.

Wes Annac – A fellow soul, growing and learning.

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