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Selacia – Return Of The Divine Feminine – Rare Venus Transit A Catalyst For Humanity – Council Of 12 Message – 16 May 2012

There are numerous significant dates in 2012, but the time of the historic Venus transit holds a pivotal energy that can help humanity shift into the higher vibrations of love.

The exact date of the transit is June 5 or 6 – depending on where you are in the world – but energetic effects can be felt even now. What is this energy about and how does it impact you and everyone you love? Continue reading

Greg Giles – Message From The Ashtar Command – 16 May 2012

Some of this universe is in a state of disrepair and collapse and will not withstand even another traverse around the cosmos. This is where we come in, the Ashtar Command. We identify these problems and weak links in the chain that is this ever connected and grand universe, and we utilize our gifts to assist these worlds rebuild themselves and repair the damage that has been done to them. Your planet is one of these planets that is in a state of great disrepair, and this state must be rectified if your people wish to call her home for another lap around this universe. Continue reading

JohnyDontPlay – 200+ Executives Flee JP Morgan! – 16 May 2012

Uploaded on 16 May 2012 by  http://www.jonnydontplay.com/

Deep Space – Follow-Up Commentary: Mass Arrests, Insider Drake, David Wilcock, Project Blue Beam, 2012, and more [video] – 16 May 2012

(Lucas : I ask your discernment for this info is conflicting other info, a lot of Deep Space is what his guts say not to go on.  Is that substantiated or just a guess? – You have to decide what your truth is or what your opinion is or if it resonates.)

In this video, “Deep Space” provides a follow-up commentary regarding the alleged impending mass arrests, Insider Drake, David Wilcock, Project Blue Beam,  2012, and more. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Creator Gave Us Everything We Need – 16 May 2012

One of the wonders of man is our brain and our abilities to think, yet if one looks closely one can see it also has the possibility to be the downfall of man. We think too much and have forgotten to fine tune our instincts. Like the picture I chose, you don’t think the squirrel spent its whole life wondering how it would stay warm and dry in winter do you, if it would have enough food, where it was going to live. God gave it a tail so why not use it. They instinctively know the universe will provide for them if they are willing to do their part. In separating ourselves from this innate instinct we have cleared a space within for doubt and worry. All the inventions and gadgets we have created throughout our evolution have slowly eroded away our abilities to rely on our instincts and our knowing to survive and thrive in the world. With each new creation designed to make our lives easier, another small piece of our ability to do for ourselves vanishes and we become more and more dependent on others for our survival. Continue reading

Grant McCool- Reuters – Shareholders Sue JP Morgan Chase Over Trading Loss – 16 May 2012

JP Morgan Chase & Co was the target of two separate lawsuits by shareholders on Wednesday, accusing the bank and its management of excessive risk that led to trading losses of at least $2 billion. Continue reading

John Ward – Greece On The Brink : Chaos And Fakery As The Final Acts Begin To Unfold – 16 May 2012

With signs of growing panic in the markets and Greek banking system, dirty tricks via post seem to be the order of the day in Athenian politics. The Establishment Parties and the EU continue to develop scenarios suggesting that the sky will fall in if Greeks vote to leave the eurozone, although opinion polls continue to show that – while support is moving increasing towards the anti-Troika Parties – the electorate has no strong desire (35% at most) to leave the EMU. It seems to The Slog, however, that if the Greeks can hold on and keep their heads, inflexible austerity as a strategy will be a dead duck in the eurozone by the time they come to vote again on June 16th anyway. Continue reading