Lisa Gawlas – The Solar Eclipse – Money – Self Worth – The New Grid – 16 May 2012

There are three things rolling around my heart this morning and even tho they may appear to be very different things, there seems to be a thread of commonality to each subject.

The Solar Eclipse and humanities participation within it!

There are sooooo many groups popping up for this eclipse with all kinds of intentions set to use the power of this eclipse for.  So I have to sit here and ponder the fact that I have not a single intention except to be present with others whose hearts desire is to also be “present.”  In the pondering, I have got to ask the universe… should I/we be intending something… focusing or harnessing this powerful energy for something?  Here is the instant reply I get back to my own query:

This alignment of the planets harnessed by the event we call the solar eclipse has been planned by the multi-verses for just under 26 thousand years.  ”They” got this!  Like a laser in the hands of the surgeon, the operation always goes as needed, but not always as intended by the human(s) participating.  Same with this powerful, energetic time on earth.

Creation knows exactly what needs to be uplifted, brought down, activated, deactivated and has been releasing the energy slowly but surely to culminate on the perceived dateline of May 20, 2012.  I say perceived because in the ultimate reality, it is already done, therefore the energy has already gone to where it needed to in every version of earth there is.  Let me tell you, there are a good many versions of earth in the created universe.

The visual they (creation itself) are giving me for this massive energy release on earth and how it will play out is very much like the readings play out.  The power of the solar eclipse merges with your personal magnetic field and is amplified into your reality thru your core belief system within you.  Not what your head says… but the truth of the energy signature within your heart.

When you are “present” within yourself, all of your completed energy (take that deeply into you for understanding) is amplified into all of creation as your next expression of life!!

This is obviously no ordinary event.  It is actually the opposite of what most people think it is: an expansion.  It really is a contraction.

Life has been expanding for a very very long time.  This is why there are soooo many versions of reality, of perceived truth, of beLIEf systems.  Time and space has stretched out so far it can and does house everything!  Now, it all returns to itself.  The in-breath if you will.

We have played in the fields of separation… and soon, we will be playing in a concentrated field of Oneness.

So what does that mean to us really?

A lot!!

Let’s just look at the word, the energy of “separation.”  In the world we live in now, everything (appears) to be separate.  The crazy glue that holds everything together (seemingly anywayz) is money.  Money creates the “Have’s and Have Not’s.” which is an illusion too.  In reality, the true reality, I have no more or any less than Donald Trump, yet one would say I have a lot less because we perceive him thru his money.  Then we set up our self-worth in relationship to money.  We strive to make more money to give us a feeling of self-worth.

Even as children and we dream of our future partners, how many dreamed of a peasant on the street?  Of a homeless person whisking us away to their version of life?  Our happily ever after usually involved some sort of monetary status, freeing us from the (seemingly) struggles of life.

So even in childhood we seen ourselves as separate from someone who seemed to have life “easier” and we dreamed of being rescued by another.  Geez, sounds like religion and even that evolved into people praying for an ET rescue too.


So now, with the passing of the eclipse on May 20th, the energy of created life is returning Home to its source.  Source is LOVE.  Period.

Love and Self worth has nothing, NO-THING, to do with money.  If we can get into a position with our concept of money like we have with, lets say water… we don’t have millions of gallons of water stored up somewhere, just incase we get thirsty.  No, we turn a tap on, or open a bottle and take a drink.  We really don’t have a fear of being thirsty, even with all the pollution in our water ways… yet, we have this deep seeded fear of not having money.

So this energy release on the 20th will give us the pure gift of releasing us from our fears and filling us with its opposite.  The universe never takes something away without putting something back.

The opposite of fear is love.

Let’s take this a wee bit further.  There are many people afraid of not being loved!  Imagine that!!  Or feed off of others (especially partners or children) to feel loved…. can I just say… duck!

Love is not an external event but an internal frequency.  In True Love vibration it flows outwards thru you, shared to anyone and everyone around you.

The Unified Field Contracting!

Now, for those who have fallen madly and deeply in love with yourSelves (without the “need” for anyone else’s love in your life,) have come to a realization that money is there when you need it, in reserve when you don’t and just have an internal air of excitement for what is to come…

The lady I was reading for asked a question about the insane ringing in her ears.  I soooo love and appreciate questions, even if they seem ordinary, we can often times go into an extraordinary understanding from its desire.

She, like many of us, has had ringing in her ears for years and the volume seemed to be turned up to super loud lately.   We are hearing our own vibration accelerating as well as the vibration of life surrounding us accelerating.

We think of the opening of our inner vision… there is also an opening, an acceleration of our inner hearing.  In her query I instantly seen golden chakra’s  out of both of her ears.  I had never seen this before and was as surprised as I was excited!  The more we talked about her hearing and what was happening all of a sudden spirit put her on the other side of the eclipse energy and I could see her body transform itself into like a power grid.

This is going to be a visual hard to put into words, I pray the complete meaning doesn’t get lost in my attempt!

She was in the center of her field, of her life and her body collapsed into a network board, sort of like the movies we see of the old telephone operators.  Her ear chakras were plugged into this grid work of energy, I was able to see the purposeful movement of this energy to this grid.  All of a sudden I had seen people from all around the world plugging into her network with their ear chakras.  It was crazy wild to see… exciting to say the least.

I understood this is going to be our telepathic network.  We have already been gearing up and practicing this for some time… hearing bleed-thru’s from other dimensions, someone calling our name that we cannot see… feeling someone needs help and not knowing why… thinking of someone and they call or text you within moments… the list really can go on and on.

Even our hearts have been being prepared for this new grid work/network in the last few weeks.  Heart palpitations, flutters in the heart, strangeness in the solar-plexus (like your heart beat no longer knows where it belongs) strangeness in the throat area… headaches… dizziness… spaciness…

An important, if not crucial question to ask yourself right now, what reality are you plugging yourself into??

When life concentrates its energy back into itself, everything is going to get bigger, louder, clearer and more relevant and super fast!

For those plugged into the Unified Field of love (so many are!!) we will be connected to each other via the Love Frequency!  My dear, beautiful Franklyn from the Pleiades talked about this soooo much when I was beginning this journey.

I will close this sharing by the channelings Franklyn brought thru me in 2001.  11 years later and I finally finally finally get what he was talking about!!!  Geeezzzzzz!! (I am not going to say it… I am done with the “slow uptake” part of myself!! smile)

Your personal magnetic field of energy is amping up in super concentrated energy.  What is in your core energy will be exactly what you manifest to you… quicker than you can say “holy shit!!”

I have an avalanche of information unloading within me right now.  I am going to go process and share the rest tomorrow!!

I leave you today with the energy of my beloved Franklyn!!


Lisa Gawlas

Communicating via the Love Frequency

As explained by my spiritual teacher from the Pliaedes, Franklyn (2001):

Patterns of the Love Frequency (by Franklyn)

Greetings dear friends,

I come here to talk about patterns. Do you see the pattern of the love frequency?

That is the first gentle knowing and need to reach out and say hi to someone. To get together or know the “other” a little more… and then so much you feel the need to talk or be with them almost always. This is tuning into the love frequency.

The love frequency can be greatly misunderstood because you think of love as being between male and female. Love has no gender, no restrictions. It seeks out that love that others share with you. It helps you to “remember” when you communicate on this frequency. Love is a powerful emotion and can be greatly misunderstood by those first experiencing it. This is not a romantic love, but love unconditional, love of the One Source uniting you in your glory of being-of love.

Many are sharing the excitement and joy of establishing new friendships. Friendships that seem to go deeper in your heart than normal. Some are feeling uncomfortable with this emotion. I say… do not be! Let your love flow from your heart out to the universe into the other hearts. As you do this, you will start to remember, to have more “knowings” than you did prior to establishing and allowing this new relationship using this frequency. The bond of these new relationships will become so strong… do not allow it to scare you or confuse you… just go with it and grow with it. Share all that is in your heart to share.

A new world is emerging, and this communication frequency is vital for you to nurture and understand and utilize.

I end this with the love of the universal light that surrounds you and the key to opening the frequency of knowing the love.


The Love Frequency (by Franklyn)

There is a peace that is coming… you all can feel it. It warms over you like the morning sun. So many are feeling the love that was sitting in their hearts… waiting to be awakened. You will use this love… the vibration of this frequency.

You can communicate with each other on the vibration… and many of you are doing so now… . you will find the communication stronger and clearer as the love pours out of your heart and into the universe.

You will touch people in so many ways. As your thoughts of love breeze through another’s mind in passing… it will stir something inside… and help in their remembering… their need to learn more.

Touch and be touched… Love and be loved.


Feel what is in your heart… by Franklyn

Greetings my dear ones,

So much is happening on the earth planes. Many of you are feeling the shift that is now taking place. Your world seems chaotic, but it is restoring balance to who you truly are. There are many confusing feelings flowing through many of you. As you climb higher on the frequency of love, you will find more and more that the inner parts of you need clearing to fully understand exactly what the frequency of love is all about.

Make no mistake, you are all climbing higher. You are learning to integrate into each others thoughts and plans. Not on the human plane but of that in Spirit, in the 5th plane. As you climb higher, more and more doubt is thrown into your beings. What will you do with this doubt? Run? Or face it for what it is? No one ever said this would be easy, but it is not as hard as some make it out to be either. Your heart remembers what unconditional love is, it knows how to use and communicate on the vibration of unconditional love. Talk to your heart, listen to your heart, feel what is in your heart. Do not allow the cloud of misperception to stop your progress. Be clear on what is in your heart-the love, the unconditional love.

There are groups forming all over the world. These groups communicate through the love frequency with each other even when they are not aware of the communication. There are some that are still sleeping within your groups, but as you raise your vibration of love, even those sleeping will hear the message. The time is now to clear your emotions of the past and raise your vibrations of love and use the highest level of love to send out the messages, to help in the awakening of your brothers and sisters. If you are unsure how to clear your emotions so that they are pure, ask your guides, your ascended masters, the angels. They are all waiting and willing to help you in every way they can. The time is now to change and transcend your thoughts and vibrations…do not wait another day.

Many blessings of love from the One Source,

Franklyn link to original article


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