Visionkeeper – Creator Gave Us Everything We Need – 16 May 2012

One of the wonders of man is our brain and our abilities to think, yet if one looks closely one can see it also has the possibility to be the downfall of man. We think too much and have forgotten to fine tune our instincts. Like the picture I chose, you don’t think the squirrel spent its whole life wondering how it would stay warm and dry in winter do you, if it would have enough food, where it was going to live. God gave it a tail so why not use it. They instinctively know the universe will provide for them if they are willing to do their part. In separating ourselves from this innate instinct we have cleared a space within for doubt and worry. All the inventions and gadgets we have created throughout our evolution have slowly eroded away our abilities to rely on our instincts and our knowing to survive and thrive in the world. With each new creation designed to make our lives easier, another small piece of our ability to do for ourselves vanishes and we become more and more dependent on others for our survival.

This is one reason why disengaging ourselves from the system is so vital to our survival. We have been lulled into a false sense of security by everything we have been provided. They are all external things and require something from us to have them, and if we don’t have that something then we cannot have what we need. If a natural or man-made catastrophe were to occur shutting down the trucking system in the country, how do you think you would eat, get car parts or gasoline, how would you get to work, will your work still be able to function? The dark ones have created a world so dependent upon its external creations that if one part of the system were to fail, the rest would tumble soon after. Somehow we must undo this disaster that has been created. We need to get back to basics & security.

Everything we need to survive has been provided for us if we pay attention. We have our brains, our hands and feet etc. but do we still have our instincts and knowing? The more luxuries we remove from our lives forces us to rely more upon ourselves to figure out how we will survive and thrive. What will three cars and a four thousand square foot house do for us if we have no food, no gasoline, no heat? Forget the luxuries! They were designed to distract us and make us dependent and unable to do for ourselves. When the going gets rough your car won’t feed you. We have fallen into the trap of letting material things define who we are, what class we live in, how much we have succeeded in our lives. All lies! Strip that all away and get back to the bare bones of who you are, find your balance, stay centered in your heart and then you will find your true worth and be secure in your life.

Our whole society is centered around money and if you have it you survive and lead a comfortable life, if not you struggle and often suffer. Can you not see how warped this concept is? The more we adapt to providing for ourselves like the squirrel, the less money we will need to survive. The less money we have the less we will buy and the less we buy the faster this whole insane system will crash and we can return to being who we really are. Materialism is a dead-end street and only hinders and hurts our lives rather than helping them. We are not the designer labels we put on our backs, they truly do not make us better than anybody else but rather point out how less evolved we are than others. It has become a total reversal of what we thought it was.

So when the snow falls put your tail up over your back and get creative with your life. We have everything we need to survive and thrive, we just have to remember what we have. It is time to reconnect with the simplicities in life and discover once again all that we can be.

Blessings to you all,

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