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The Galactic Free Press – Daily Blue Star UFOs Report – Yes! Are We Really Here? – 17 May 2012

Greetings Love Beings,

Quite nice pics today, I’d suggest you gave it a look, though I have to remember all (sometimes things get forgotten) that whenever they write “mothership”… well, it’s phantasy… A mothership could not even fit in a video, or photo, or whatever. It’s far too Big, believe me!!

Thank you for sharing and informing everyone you can… it’s IMPORTANT! The more we get out at people, the less will they be afraid. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Simplicity – 17 May 2012

(picture by http://www.favim.com)

Nothing describes the essential beauty of life more accurately than the word simplicity. The more simple something is, the more beautiful it seems. It is what it is, no extra doodads to distract one from the very thing they are observing. No garish colors, no sharp corners, specific rules, no labels. Simplicity is perfection, what you see is what you get, like the incredible beauty in the picture of the bubbles. Nothing more than simple round, crystal clear orbs, yet in the sun they shift and become magnificent orbs of iridescent colors. Their smooth roundness is perfect and complete, their beingness sufficient with no explanations needed. They just are, simple clear bubbles of magnificent splendor. There is nothing that could be added to make them any more beautiful than they already are. Continue reading

Stephen Cook – Spanish Withdraw 1 Billion Euros! French Government Slashes Pay By 30% – 17 May 2012

Stephen: It’s all happening in Europe today. I mean, we have long been told things would happen in the blink of a eye…

Following the Greeks withdrawing over 800 million Euro from their banks yesterday, the Spanish have grabbed their withdrawal slips, headed for their banks and started removing their money, too. Over 1 Billion Euro out already today. Continue reading

The Tazz And Paula Show – With Brian David Anderson And Mahala Gayl – 17 May 2012

Our First Guest says Tri-Vortex –Technology improves energy levels and provides pain relief for various conditions.
Brian David Andersdon  shares a  unique  system for supporting one’s health Anderson is a Scientist, Inventor and Owner/Consultant who has developed new pathway to relieving pain and creating longer more healther lives.

Our second guest , Astrologer Mahala Gayle, says there are major surges that are popping all in a row; we have an upcoming solar eclipse, the Venus transit and a couple more just around the corner.

link to Tazz and Paula Radio show 17 May 2012

Lisa Gawlas – The Great Falling Away And The Consummation Of New Life! – 17 May 2012

Boy, my poor little “field” antenna is getting a work out these days.  We are raising our vibration so fast and so high, orientating myself in readings is really taking some work.  And yet, what is now coming thru… feels so sacred, so utterly exciting I am not even sure how to share it without drooling all over myself from the combined experiences!!

I suppose I am so programmed with linear time, one day following the next and an event on scheduled day is going to happen only on that scheduled day.  We can be sooooo human! Continue reading

Carol Ann Ciocco – Pleiadean Ring Of Fire Annular Eclipse – 17 May 2012

Slowly the Pleiades dropt like dew from bough to bough of the cinnamon trees. William Roscoe Thayer, Halid

Eclipses 2012 Gemini Pleiadean Eclipse

Hi everyone, as you may have heard, on May 20/21, 2012 we will experience an Annular Solar Eclipse at 4:47pm Pacific Daylight Time (11:47pm UT). This is a partial eclipse, not total. The Moon will glide in front of the Sun but will not cover it completely because the moon is too far away in its orbit around Earth to appear large enough in our sky to cover the sun. Continue reading

Bix Weir – MELTDOWN UPDATE: The JP Morgan Derivatives Book Is Blowing Up – 17 May 2012

Thanks to Gillian from http://www.shiftfrequency.com