Graham Dewyea – Interviews Dave Schmidt – InLight Radio Blogtalkradio Special – 17 May 2012

Graham Dewyea interviews Dave Schmidt who shares his personal story from conservative pastor and Republican State Senator, to Lightworker passionate about Ascension, unity consciousness and love.
Dave talks about his experiences with what many are calling “Ascension symptoms,” and shares on a deeply personal level his work to heal and raise consciousness, the importance of forgiveness, and moving from the ego out of duality to the heart. 
We’ll also talk about the different levels of consciousness, how the Church has used religion for control, suggestions for talking with others about earth changes and Ascension, how our adversaries are our greatest teachers, the importance of looking within and not without for answers and fulfillment, dealing with our shadows, and more.
You can call in or listen on line to listen to the show. An archive will be made available after the show.

Direct Link to the InLight Radio Show Interview Dave Schmidt


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