PressTV US – Pre-NATO Summit Protests Target Evictions, Foreclosures – 17 May 2012

Dozens of activists have gathered in Chicago’s financial district to protest evictions and foreclosures.

The protest on Wednesday is among several demonstrations leading up to this weekend’s NATO summit. Activists are beating drums and chanting “Fight, fight, fight; housing is a human right.”

Delegations from about 60 countries, including 50 heads of state, are expected to attend the meeting of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization on Sunday and Monday to discuss issues such as the war in Afghanistan and European missile defense.



About 150 protesters in Chicago marched to banks and government offices on Wednesday to demand a one-year moratorium on local home evictions and foreclosures, the latest in a series of demonstrations leading up to next week’s NATO summit. Reuters

The protesters performed a piece of street theater at Daley Plaza featuring a bank trying to evict a family from their home, and neighbors stepping in to stop it. Reuters

More than two dozen Chicago police officers were on hand but no arrests were made. The demonstration included members of “Occupy Chicago” and Communities United Against Foreclosure and Eviction, a Chicago group. Reuters

A week before the NATO Summit lands in Chicago, eight protesters were arrested Monday inside the building that houses President Barack Obama’s campaign headquarters. NBC Chicago

U.S. police arrested at least four protesters at a Tuesday Occupy Chicago-led demonstration against military and economic policies adopted by NATO member states. Huffington Post

The biggest demonstration is expected Sunday, when thousands of people are expected for a march.

While some have feared widespread anti-NATO protests, others have laid down a welcome mat for those visiting the city to demonstrate against the May 19-20 summit at McCormick Place. WBEZ reports that many Chicagoans are clearing space for protesters to stay in spare bedrooms or in tents in their yards. Trinity Episcopal Church, located not far from the summit site, is just one area church that said they will welcome protesters to set up camp in their yard. Huffington Post

Police in Chicago have spent $1mn on riot-control equipment in the last few months ahead of next month’s NATO summit, which is expected to attract thousands of anti-war protesters. Guardian


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