SaS – OP-Ed – When Will The Good Guys Appear? – 18 May 2012

Little Family,

Yesterday, our brother Alex and I were having a public chat about current events rapidly developing in the main stream media (I won’t use my more favorite and abrasive term “Lame Stream” media as brother Allen has pointed out that it was coined by Sarah Palin and, well, let’s not go there…good advice is good advice).  The U.S. and European banking system is collapsing.  We can see this.  Now, before you all go out and put on party hats, start blowing those little aggravating horns, and sopping up ice cream and cake, let’s just think about the implications of it all.  I’m not talking about the collapse of the Euro or the dollar or the disintegration of the European Union and all that geopolitical stuff.  I’m talking about the ever-increasing, ever-accelerating CHANGE that has become apparent to all of us.  In my post I commented on the inevitability of the J.P. Morgan’s descent into oblivion—the consequence of an inadequate management paradigm that continually rewarded 3rd density human arrogance, carelessness, and contempt.  To this Alex replied with a few technical observations that, after studying them, one would naturally assume a pattern was emerging in the organizational society of the West.  That pattern was the motif of systemic failure; the governance regime of the West is quickly becoming the archetype of inadequacy—a flagrant example of what NOT to do—eh?  We can see this because the “opposition” has chosen NOT to do it.

Let’s look at a few technical details from Alex’s point of view.  In his kind and thoughtful response to my inquiry he pointed out—quite significantly—that the business of Western Banking continually ignores the obvious.  He states: “To me, what is encouraging – is that Bix said that the 2 billion is nothing but a paltry “tip of the iceberg” compared to the reality of this situation as far as loss. Again we go back to the derivatives situation which I feel is the real time bomb that is ticking here.” [Brother Alex]  He then suggests one of Jean’s previous posts: as evidence that “The Management” might just prefer to keep “…kicking the can down the road.”   Everyone understands the Fiat Monetary System creates “money” by creating “debt.”  For example, when you use your credit card, you aren’t taking actual Federal Reserve Notes or coinage out of your pocket and handing it over to the retailer from which you’ve chosen to make a purchase.  The “cash” in your pocket—even though it too is Fiat Money—really exists and is limited in its volume!  But, when you use your credit card, you magically create “money” by engaging a debt which you agree to pay through work you intend to complete in the future.  So, you must create REAL money in the future to pay for the debt that you’ve taken on in the here and now!  This is how “Financialization” works.  The bankers understand that you can never create enough money to cover the existing debt because the people that are paying you are paying with THEIR debt and so debt grows exponentially and always exceeds the money supply.

The Bankers knew this when they entangled themselves in their reckless gambling.  Like a functioning alcoholic, they kept betting against the odds that they would make “the big one” that would—not only pay off THEIR debt but—pay them a handsome perk as well.  They understood the system they had invented and they KNEW that it could never achieve equilibrium but they went ahead and did what came natural to their intellectual disposition.  They ignored their humanity and neglected to address the functional requirements of the human condition.  The human condition cannot sustain an outrageous imbalance in the Cosmic Equilibrium.  Remember, we live in a 3rd Density world governed by Duality.  “Half a watt goes in here…must come out there” [Fire Sign Theater].  Our Universe is always seeking balance (that “Yin/Yang” thing you read about).  The Management neglected to include this consideration in their planning and subterfuge (as do they neglect to consider so many other things about the Universe we all share).  We are now witnessing the very concrete consequences of left-brain cognition adopted for exclusive use in “actualizing” human intention.  As Drunvalo has warned in his work, it is coming around to kick them in the behind.

Brother Alex goes on to say “Greece ultimately accepted another tranche for assurances of austerity that defused this situation the first go around in March. What I am watching now is whether or not the political wrangling in Greece finally gives the monetary union the proverbial finger a la Iceland. If so…. who is next?”  It would seem that, this week, the body politic of Greece has already made the decision and, of course, they’re working on plans for the reintroduction of the Greek Drachma.

Go here:

So, aside from the fact that we can accept Brother Alex’s observations as reasonable, we can also conclude that his suspicions that a financial landslide is about to begin—the likes of which have not been a part of the human experience—are appropriate as well. Watch closely now because Western Civilization is poised upon a threshold of an “inevitability.”  They WILL fail; it cannot be stopped.  There aren’t any brakes on that hay wagon and there’s nothing between it and the mountain of resistance that frames its destination at the bottom of this steep decline.  How could this have happened?  Any one of US might have suggested that the Cabal go dig up all the gold that it had stolen and dump it on the debt that their insufferable greed created thereby generating a reasonable chance for these institutions to develop some “liquidity.”  The ancients called that kind of thing a “Jubilee.”  But, they didn’t do that.  And THEN, when the idea seemed attractive as an eleventh-hour alternative, they were prevented from accessing those very stores of wealth buried decades ago in their effort to establish “magic” as the operational paradigm of their financial system.  Who might these obstructionists be?

Well, that’s the point of this essay.  Everyone is asking themselves “When will the good guys appear?”  I’m suggesting that they’re already here!  They’re engaged!  Who do you think the opposition is, anyway?  Who do you think is obstructing the Cabal and making life so miserable for them?  Just a few months ago, Americans watched as their congressional representatives passed legislation after legislation intended to restrict Constitutional guarantees or deny them altogether.  How can you do that?  How can you CLAIM to be a Constitutional Authority empowered by the people to make laws and enforce them and then distress that body politic through repeated violations of the very same first rule of recognition from which you are claiming your authority?  It seemed so easy for them to flaunt their contempt.  Didn’t it?  The Management implemented draconian laws empowering law enforcement to break the very laws they were charged with upholding—militarizing that organizational element, giving it the distinct impression that it could brutalize the population, form a social affront to civilized conduct, and take life with impunity.  But, if you’ve been following the “NEWS” and attending to the information available, that’s all beginning to change now isn’t it?

Aside from the NYPD losing its first confrontation with the public in a court of law ( police officers involved in the willful killing of homeless people in New Orleans during the Katrina disaster were convicted and sent to prison.  (  As many of you know, this week a Federal Judge struck down the provisions of the NDAA permitting indefinite detention of U.S. Citizens by the Military as unconstitutional.  There are dozens of recent stories I can draw upon to illuminate my observations however anecdotal anyone might view them but here’s a headline that shows you that there is even more profound evidence of a shift in our operational paradigm:

Hol-la-lande! French cabinet shows who wears the pants!  ( “For the first time in French history half of all the ministry jobs – 17 out of 34 – went to women, pursuant to Hollande’s campaign promise to respect gender-parity in his government.”

“So what,”  many may ask?  Look at the proportion in the numbers!  That’s right, little family, I’m suggesting that it is evidence of “equilibrium”—the Universe is “balancing” itself.  With balance comes harmony, prosperity, Love, and Joy—not to mention rational governance.  Don’t you forget it!  In the Financial NEWS as well as the alternative NEWS, people are talking about acquiring gold and silver—precious metals—using their intrinsic worth to offset the rapidly diminishing value of fiat currency.  They’re commodities and, therefore, their value will be market driven.  As the big banks fail—especially J.P. Morgan/Chase—their influence in the commodities markets will dissipate allowing commodities to achieve “equilibrium.”  Gold and silver will sky-rocket in value as hyperinflation ensues with the collapse of the fiat monetary system but then stabilize as monetary policies change to accommodate real wealth around the world.  Eventually, they’ll settle back down to rational levels as the economic systems around the globe adjust to “real money” representing the real national wealth in every country (i.e., money that is pegged against each nation’s real national assets and not magically created by a keystroke on a computer keyboard).

How did we get to here from there?  True, the Cabal shot itself in its proverbial foot; they made bad decisions based on the fantasy that they were a superior breed of human being and were in command of incomprehensible wealth, actionable intelligence, and unfathomable power and authority.  We’re learning just how omnipotent they are through our observations alone!  Regardless of your feelings toward them, you might agree with me when I say that this entire panoply of drama and theater has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous and has settled into something quite pathetic to witness.  Their writhing, confrontational, contemptuous behavior isn’t going to save them, little family.  Alea iacta est; “The Die is Cast!”  It was an artificial construct of theirs 300 years in the making.  It’s elements are “special-purpose” and “special-built”—designed to engage specific tasks and control specific events they had surmised would mysteriously manifest themselves, one upon another, in those “End Times” if they could just get the whole of humanity THINKING that way.  Ah, but they couldn’t get us all thinking that way.  And that gave us pause to think differently; to conjure up our own ideals and plot our own course through the Cosmos—one devoid of their influence and all because they had chosen a path of “separation.”

Our lovely Miss Jean asked me this morning, “When the money doesn’t show up – that’ll be the time when people realize chaos is here, and won’t that be the time for the good guys to make their move?”  I had already been thinking along these lines because of the information that brother Alex had shared with us.  But then, I read a comment left by our Sister Christy who left a link that helped me navigate a path to an illuminating article which Jean has already posted but here I will post again: and the article then expands upon this remarkable information.  You can further edify yourself by going here:

Thank you dearest sister for sharing this with all of us!  I think that I can couch an assertion that “things” seem to be “changing” in ways that appear to address the ideals that we’ve all formed inside our minds at one time or another—especially those visions we’ve created with our hearts.  This is “good” for, as it is thought by the ONE, so it shall thereby manifest FOR the ONE.

And, this is the answer to Jean’s question and the confirmation of all of the comments made in the past by others in our closely woven little family of starseeds—people like Jean and Alex, Mike (just plain Mike), and Mikeov, ContraMary, Tina, Debbie, Shelly, Lana, Ken, Rev. Joe, DrinkDeep, Michael, Starseed, VisionKeeper, and of course, dearest Christy.  You see, my beloved brothers and sisters,  the “good guys” aren’t coming…


Love and light,

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