Visionkeeper – How Do You Look At Life? – 18 May 2012

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Are you one of the people who see the glass half empty or the glass half full? Life is challenging enough without seeing it through negative eyes. Having  a positive attitude helps so much to keep you flowing safely down stream rather than fighting your way upstream against the current. There are several things we can do to help us flow through life more easily. One way is to always look for the good to come out of bad situations. It is always there to be found if we open our eyes and pay attention. It may not show up right away but it will show up. Often times when something bad happens to us, in the end when all is said and done, we realize things turned out for the best or even better than before, making a positive difference in our lives. It can be hard to see in the heat of the moment but over time it will reveal itself.

Staying in our hearts is a huge way to see life through positive eyes. Always approach life with love and gratitude in your heart. Look for the good in people rather than placing your attention on their faults. We all have them but they do not define who we are. Wake up each day being grateful you are alive to live another day. Look for the beauty the world offers us everyday, everywhere we go. Look up as you move through your day not down and keep your eyes open and your awareness turned on. Offer to help others around you in need, be a good neighbor, share what you don’t need with those that do need. There are endless ways to live from your heart and all will find that the more you give of yourself, the better your life will become.

Yet another way to flow through life is to become what is referred to as ‘The Witness’. Watch your actions carefully and the words you speak. In any given situation, what do you tend to do? Talk about the negative side of something or do you grasp onto the positive? Do you worry a great deal and imagine all the worst case scenarios before anything happens, see all the bad possibilities running through your mind like a movie? Paying close attention to ourselves and stopping ourselves in the act, will help to end the negative cycle. If you start to think or say something negative, stop! Replace those thoughts or words with positive, loving and kind ones. We can change how we view our lives with a bit of effort and determination, and if everyone were doing this how quickly the world would change.

The final suggestion I have, yet there are many more, is to work on trust! A trusting person is a person who respects the life process, lives from the heart and knows all will be well. If you recall, I often speak to how the thoughts we have, create the reality around us. If you trust and believe all will be well, it will be. Trust yourself, trust your creator and trust the world around you. We are all here doing our parts to see the planet and each other through this ascension process. We are doing it to the best of our ability and will continue to do so until we have made our final leap into a new dimension and a new way of being! Have faith!

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