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Ute Possega-Rudel – Conversation With My God-Self : The New World – 19 May 2012

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Easter Island Statues Have Full Bodies And Glyths!! Encoded Star Maps Of Human Origins (HD) – 19 May 2012

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The Galactic Free Press – Daily Blue Star UFOs Report – Yes! Are We Really Here? – 19 May 2012

Greetings Love Beings,

Thank you for sharing and informing everyone you can… it’s IMPORTANT! The more we get out at people, the less will they be afraid.

Spread Love as Love’s what you Are

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Lisa Gawlas – The Passion Of The New Life Is Orgasmic – Are You Ready!! – 19 May 2012

Creative times call for creative ways of tapping the field of information!  We got a little creative yesterday!!

All the readings had the similar theme of being immersed within a rainbow cover of protection and enhancement.  Even tho we are not getting anything new and even the fields replies to questions are vague if at all, one of my readings asked a question that actually brought us all to a fuller understanding of this field of energy I call June and July. Continue reading

Robert Stanley – The Unicus Radio Hour – With Charles Faddis – 19 May 2012

SPECIAL GUEST: Charles Faddis

Tired of the same old news? Ready for something unique? The Unicus Radio Hour offers a special blend of ideas and insightful information from around the globe and beyond. Hosted by world-renowned author and researcher Robert M. Stanley, this show features informative guests and inquisitive callers.

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Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Italy Deploys 20.000 Law Enforcement Officers To Protect Individuals And Sensitive Sites; Anecdotes From Italy Via Canada: Taxed Out Of House And Home – 19 May 2012

Italy Deploys 20,000 Law Enforcement Officers to Protect Individuals and Sensitive Sites

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports Italy deploys 20,000 to protect sensitive targets

Italy increased security Thursday at 14,000 sites, and assigned bodyguards to protect 550 individuals after a nuclear energy company official was shot and letter bombs directed to the tax collection agency. Continue reading

Republic Roundtable Call 17th May – 19 May 2012


Host and Moderator: Robert Zuluaga
Producer: Jeanine Stewart

Introduction and Opening Prayer

President Timothy Turner
Republic Address/Update

Tim Pledger, Secretary of Homeland Security
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