Lisa Gawlas – The Passion Of The New Life Is Orgasmic – Are You Ready!! – 19 May 2012

Creative times call for creative ways of tapping the field of information!  We got a little creative yesterday!!

All the readings had the similar theme of being immersed within a rainbow cover of protection and enhancement.  Even tho we are not getting anything new and even the fields replies to questions are vague if at all, one of my readings asked a question that actually brought us all to a fuller understanding of this field of energy I call June and July.

She had asked about the work her and her husband currently do and how will this new energy affect it.  Her husband is her divine counterpart, even tho he does not live (out loud) deep in the spiritual understandings as she does, they do teach together about divine partnerships.

The moment she asked about her husband I could see the month of June.  Keeping in mind, about 4 years ago in my readings whenever a particular month was looked at, it had a color association as well as texture to the energy color(s.)  Since  June started showing its energy field last year, it has remained constant, a blend of deep blue and violet.  As we moved closer and closer to the timeline of June, the energies of the blue and violet seemed to change in texture to like clumps of blues and violets.  These clumps were like thick clouds of energy and all connected to each other (no space, no separation at all.)

I had never received an understanding about what these clumps of energy really meant to us.. until yesterday.  When she asked about her husband, suddenly I was in the beginning of June and I watched as one clump of blue and one clump of violet energy emerged and became like a long strand of energy.  These two strands of energy started to intertwine with each other that reminded me of the medical symbols of the two snakes intertwining on the sword, only there was no sword.  I also had the feeling of a double helix as well.

What I could not do was discern which was male and which was female.  Both color strands were so androgynous, so completely whole there was no feeling of this one is masculine and that one is feminine.

Again, since last year, I had always seen June as the month the activation of our Divine Counterparts happen.  Of course, last year I wasn’t looking at (or even ever realized) solar eclipses or Venus transits… I simply seen this energy potential and the activation of our divine counterparts.

Thru this lady’s question and the fields visual reply, I also understood together they will be creating a new energy between them.  New abilities to learn and accomplish thru the new energy.  How or what… don’t know yet.

I realized however, what has been being shown to us since last year is the massive amount of divine counterpart energy that fills not only June, but July has become an identical twin. So many people have raised their vibration this year, cleared the clutter of the consciousness that an extra month of potential was added.  We are in for an extraordinary summer!!  At least for those who match the energy frequency of these coming months.

I was actually frustrated that I could not get a whole of new information thru readings as everyone is now in their “incubation” space and I cannot penetrate that.  Well, how does one look at an egg from the inside out??  I jumped in my bathtub to see what’s in my egg!

Even as I was stripping down to get into my bath, my full and whole intention was to understand what was happening within my egg, the field and what are our potentials from it.

The moment my back hit the back of the tub, lumerian crystal in my right hand, labradorite  in my left) the visuals and feeling started…. I didn’t even close my eyes yet!!  First I had seen Franklyn, my father from the Pleiades standing (in reduced size) about midway between the shower head and the bathtub itself, below him I had seen my “Guardian,”  Jemez.  Both appeared in an energetic form, but I know their energy signatures well I don’t need a body or face to know them.  The very moment I acknowledged who they were suddenly Franklyn seemed to split in two at the top of his head and created the shape of a heart as his energy bent down into my tub at my feet, blending the Guardian’s energy with his at the bottom of this heart shape and became part of my own internal energy system. My whole body was alive in an energy I had never ever felt before… it was like kundalini energy to the 10th degree, but not loaded with cellular stimulation that creates that intense sexual stimulation.  The energy was like nothing I have ever felt before, ever.  It was running inside of me, yet I couldn’t tell you where.  There was no separation of my entire body system and the wholeness of this energy was from head to toe, as well as all around me.  I could feel the intensity and concentrated power of this amazing experience, but had no clue what to do with it.

Somehow my mind went to Jorge, my etheric rock god from the mesa cliff.  And just to be clear, Jorge is an Indian (did you know that the term “Native American” is considered a “slur” to true Indians.)

The moment I thought of Jorge his energy emerged.  Of course I expected him to be at the foot of my tub, which is where he usually appears.  The moment I put his energy there, it pinged away, so I put him on my couch, nope not there either, it pinged away again until he pinged to the tree stump at the river. Alrighty then!!

We blended there.  Part human, part energy stream.

The energy from the beginning of my meditation was present and amplified, but at the same time, focused and everywhere.

Whatever I or we were supposed to do with this crazy wonderful energy, Jorge knew already.  Good thing cuz this consciousness was absolutely clueless.

We laid on the ground, energy oozing into the ground and plant life.  We put energy feet into the water, release this energy into the River.  We then crossed the river and sat next to the Mesa Cliff, energy oozing and releasing everywhere… purposely.

I am not even sure WHAT we were doing together, but man oh man that energy was intensifying in a way I cannot even put into words.  I do want to be very very clear here… it really wasn’t a “body” experience but a “whole” experience.  My cells were not on stimulation overload like earth kundalini energy creates within… and yet, in a way, it was that too.  Weird.  Good, no super great, but weird.

And then we stood up… now this in and of itself is interesting as I remember back into yesterday.  Our movements were always in unison, like a part of me already knew the next move and there was no “he leads, I follow” feeling.  Whatever we were doing was in unison, together.

So the next thing was me standing and facing the Mesa Cliff rock.  Jorge stood behind me… I put my hands on the rock itself and it got really really weird from there.

The energy seemed to really amp up, but yet so super focused at the same time.  I could see the energy…. very much like a soap-bubble drifting in the air as the sun hits it.  Translucent with highlights of changing energetic colors.

This intensified energy started to flow with intensity thru each hand.  I could almost liken it to the start of an orgasm… yet, not really.  The body was the channel for this energy but not, geez, I really don’t know how to word this, describe this.  Maybe just saying not the receptor of this experience.

As the energy flowed thru me and out my hands more intense with every breathe, I watched as the Mesa Cliff itself started to take in this energy to its inner core and it was as if it was having its own personal earthquake.  The rock started shaking and crumbling from the inner middle, as the whole formation started to fall apart.  As rock started crumbling (not sure where the rock went to because it never hit the ground where I was standing) something amazing started to be revealed.  There was this super large, bright yellow…. something or another housed deep inside the Mesa Rock.  It was absolutely phallic in appearance (kinda like the Washington Monument)… the glow of this yellow was intense.

This energy burst thru me like a bullet and the whole Mesa crumbled… and I could no longer hold my awareness there.

I left off at the Mesa crumbling with this massive yellow…. something partially exposed.

Suddenly I was back in my bathtub with a single thought… what the hell just happened!!??

I did not get an answer to my question, instead the most surprising package of information that wasn’t even on my mind.  I have decided the field reads not only my sharings, but the replies to all the sharings as well.  Here are the only words I heard as I was back in my bathtub:

If you think sperm is disgusting, sperm will be withheld from your experience.  If you have any issues around sex or sexuality, the energy of sex will be withheld from your experience.

I thought… what the hell kind of reply was that???

What I received back really boggled my mind.  I could see the fertilization of an egg.  Looked very much like a human embryo.  I could see the cell division, in rapid succession within itself.  This visual got to the point that I had seen this huge circle of energy with all these tiny little circles of energy within it.  I understood that the outer circle was creation itself reproducing itself.  All the littler circles were us… a cellular division of creation.

All of a sudden I had seen one of these littler circles have a thought, I really don’t know what the thought was, but it obviously was not a life enhancing thought and it was removed instantly out of the energetic fertilized egg and placed in a different timeline that could support a non-life enhancing energy.

I was actually floored by this visual, and the quickness in which that divided cell of life was removed from the whole.

I do completely understand it tho.  We are in a time of wholeness, of non-judgement and no bias.  To bring that into the field of the new is to remove yourself and be placed in a timeline that supports that thought and allows the bigger lessons of it.  What is weird is it felt like that cell was placed in the 1700′s lol.

Pure passion, pure unconditional  love is the only energy sustainable in this new energy.

That completely ended my meditation.  Dammit!!  I spent the rest of the day pondering both the experience itself, but most especially… the words given at the end of a mind-blowing… rock crumbling experience.

At first, one could say the audible information had nothing to do with the profound experience…

As I sat and pondered my mind went back to information I received back in 2001 while talking about sex on a spiritual forum.  The information that came thru my fingers in a reply to the person asking about sex was as follows:

What if… Our sexual energy was our closest connection to our Creator—THE very connection of creation?
What if… The energetic exchange merged three energies as one (physical you, spiritual you, & Creator)?
What if… The creation of the soul was done through the orgasmic flow of our Creator, in a pure and loving state so that when we shared ourselves in this manner, in the physical world of Being, could we not touch and feel the heart of God within the exchange?

Can I now change that very last line to WE ARE the Heart of God!!

And I had to feel the energy flowing thru me the moment Franklyn and the Guardian heart-shaped themselves into me… orgasmic for sure… but not like any I was familiar with within myself.  I could stay oriented and harness it without blowing my stack (smile, blush.)

I realized too, the fields of June and July are both Ovum and Sperm.  I cannot tell you which color holds which energy, but I do want to make clear, there was as many clumps of blue connected to another clump of blue, violet connected to violet as there were blue and violet connected with each other.  Divine counterparts has NOTHING to do with being male and female at all… it is all about the loving energy brought together for the wholeness of the experiences.

It is the sexual energy that creates life itself.

Should I sit here and judge two sperms swimming in love and joy together, bad on me!  My experience then has to be the inability to reproduce (Withholding the Divine Masculine it its full expression from myself (energetically speaking) in the field of Oneness.  Parts of me (my energy field) will become infertile.  Same with two ovum dancing in loving joy together (Divine Feminine.)  Or if I have an issue with my own sexual energy… it has to be withheld because we withhold the wholeness of life from ourselves with bias.

However, for those of us who have no issues with any aspect of sexuality at all… life will burst asunder, break rock to expose things the mind cannot currently fathom.   Life is bulging with fertility and passion!!

Of course, learning to really channel this while in the human body is going to take some effort.  It is one thing to experience it in meditation, it will be whole other ball game doing that (what I experienced in meditation) with the full distraction of a real body interacting!  No wonder why we have two months of this field of energy.

This was not about filling bodily pleasures, tho the body was quite happy to participate… but about the concentrated energy and the purpose at hand.

Now to find out what on earth that glowing yellow thing is.

I do want to add this note, my own experience from later in the day.  As most of you know (from prior blogs) my father and his children(my siblings) burst back into my life (thank you facebook) mid April after 36 years of not talking or seeing each other.  This reunion, altho extraordinary, brought up a shit-ton of inner issues I didn’t even know I had.  I spent a full week in my bathtub healing, understanding, releasing, completely purging that goo…

I still took the cautious approach to this re-newed relationship.  Seems my Dad wasn’t having that, he called me for the first time last week and we had a really wonderful conversation.  He then called me again last evening… something felt different within me.  I suppose I threw caution to the wind in my tub experience earlier in the day because I fell madly and deeply in love with this man, my father… to the degree that when we hung up my eyes poured love for him.  My whole heart was so expanded that it felt just weird (good, but weird.)

There was no past, just right here, right now and the love, the kindness, the excitement of re-union that flowed from his heart expanded mine.

I shared this feeling on my facebook (partially to defuse the feeling that was so big inside of me) and this very very wise soul left this reply that is sooooo appropriate and true:  I realize for some time that are relationships in our life that were designed to be fully operational only in the new energy, even if the persons are in our life from long time, no matter who they are.

I am so grateful for this new reunion with my father and my siblings and for the Light and joy of all of You who share so selflessly with me!

We ARE The Golden Age!!  Life bursts asunder thru you/us!!  New Life, New Relationship energy, and a whole new orgasmic magic, dancing and merging in our fields of Shambhala!!

Life is about to have mad, passionate sex with itself… be open to the fullness of that energy!  Life creates new life thru us… be an open vessel of creation!!

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