Maureen Moss – Energy Upgrades May/June 2012 – 19 May 2012

Dearest Hearts,

As always, I pray you are well during the most potent energetic time to date in our lifetime.

During this month of May and June humanity is being given ascension frequency patterns and new encodements, in preparation for the 12-12-12 and 12-21-12 in the form of powerful energy impulses from the Moon, the Sun, the Planets and more.

For each that have taken a conscious and loving stewardship over their body, mind, heart and spirit, and strongly connected to the God of their being, these potent energy impulses will not only have you noticing an infusion of Unity Consciousness, a stronger personal Life force and a less convoluted sense of self, there is also the internal awareness of a newfound freedom you have long awaited from the distorted and manipulated Human Template.

The most frequently asked question is will this happen for everyone? The answer is it will happen to those who have taken the loving responsibility to make themselves ready. Preparation is not an intellectual pursuit, though is one of the heart.

Consider, that there was never a Master nor Avatar that didn’t spend a great deal of their life going through numerous initiations and one surrender upon another, resisting nothing and clarifying everything by using their feeling nature and the wisdom, mind and heart of God, not the mind of human, in their pursuit of freedom.

To the degree one will experience freedom is to the degree one is willing to pursue it.

The assistance from the Wesak Moon, the Solar Eclipse on May 20 and the Venus Transit on June 6 has and will continue to catalyze a quickened evolution in consciousness, for the prepared. Each will begin to experience and be able to accept more and more Love from Creator Source, for Creator Source, and with and for each other, as the vibration of love becomes their dominant nature.

The prepared are those who have chosen to consciously take action to merge with their I AM Presence; by remaining in their hearts, taking dominion over the lower mind, emotional body and ego, being consistently loving and compassionate toward Self and all others, remaining connected with one’s authentic Self by weeding out the past and the Imposter self, and dancing, not fighting with the Mystery.

The prepared resist nothing and find comfort being in a state of surrender and willingness, while not forsaking their strength and power. Each commit to attaining clarity, rather than maintaining uncertainty. They dissolve connection to their past stories, judgments and seeming betrayals. They hold their hand over their heart, breathe the breath of God and ask for guidance. They learn the art of integration and ultimately remain deeply connected to the Light of God within them, in order that these influential and powerful Cosmic/Divine energies have room to insert themselves into the body temple, and then be distributed throughout the etheric field.

Perhaps a tall order, each of us have said yes, to the most profound act of consciousness; allowing Heaven to be made manifest on earth, through the temple of our beings. We are loved beyond measure for accepting this daunting task.

Once complete, Unity Consciousness will over-light all of consciousness, thus rendering the human illusory game of life, over. Freedom and peace for each will prevail. Beloveds, we are in the urgent phase of our evolution, now. Nothing is more important. Nothing.

In a meditation this past week I was gifted with these words, “We have come time and again to raise humanity’s vibration, and provide the pathway to freedom. Many have turned a deaf ear and suffered.

Now, We and all of Cosmic Energetic Intelligence; the Moon, the stars, the planets and the Great Central Sun come together as One System to impulse and stream waves of Pure Light and Source Love to upgrade and reactivate the Divine grid system of humanity and the electromagnetic field of earth, making it possible for each to return Home.

Humanity must now accept their own potential, as we do, love themselves as we do and join us as One System willing to pulse the same Light, Love and Unity Consciousness on Planet Earth, altering the course of humanity forevermore.”

Beloveds, we are being led to the most powerful victory a collective human species has ever experienced. Are you willing to be ready and available at all times and in all places to serve the Divine Plan?

Are you willing to embrace the forms of what one might deem trial and tribulation (each of which are blessings in disguise) in order to carry out the Divine Plan?

What are you willing to commit to prepare yourself to join the One System that vibrates only love and pulses only Light, Love and Unity Consciousness onto, into and through yourself and all sentient beings? Are you willing to hold yourself accountable, in a loving way?

Beloveds, I am not here to preach, be self-righteous, or play guru, for I am not. I am you and you are me. This is my part of service. This is the work I was led to long ago.

Something God told me almost 30 years ago, and it has never left me, was that I would never teach that which I would not experience. Little did I know what that would mean for my life. Little did I know how many deaths I would experience. Little did I know how much endurance I would need or the endless breaths of God I would take to make it through another piece of my Life. And little did I know how many blessings would be bestowed upon me, though admittedly I had to search for many of them. That too, was part of the plan.

And so here I am, humbly asking you to go deeper within yourself every day, as we close down this cycle, just a few months away. Banish your past, all of it. Revel in now and create your life, as you prefer. If prepared you will be able. There is so much at stake. Your part is necessary, needed and honored. You are an equal part in this transformation. No one on this earth is better nor more worthy than you. No one.

If you do your part to Master Mastery, and meet the Universe, with its profound shower of transformative Energetic Impulses and Pure Love, somewhere between Heaven and Earth, you will be liberated and have full access to the encodements that completely melt down the human template, destroy all imbalances and energetic interference, thus leading you to your magnificence, and into a protected, new frequency/ascension pattern… the pattern of “The Christ Consciousness.”

Know you are loved,

Maureen Moss

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