Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Italy Deploys 20.000 Law Enforcement Officers To Protect Individuals And Sensitive Sites; Anecdotes From Italy Via Canada: Taxed Out Of House And Home – 19 May 2012

Italy Deploys 20,000 Law Enforcement Officers to Protect Individuals and Sensitive Sites

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports Italy deploys 20,000 to protect sensitive targets

Italy increased security Thursday at 14,000 sites, and assigned bodyguards to protect 550 individuals after a nuclear energy company official was shot and letter bombs directed to the tax collection agency.

Under the enhanced measures, Interior Minister Anna Maria Cancellieri deployed 20,000 law enforcement officers to protect individuals and sensitive sites. In addition, 4,200 military personnel already assigned throughout Italy will be redeployed according to new priorities.

Authorities will also increase intelligence to “neutralize” the risk of subversive actions “that can be nourished in moments of tension,” the statement added.

Taxed Out of House and Home

In response to Tax Collection Violence in Italy: Mail Bombs in Rome, Police Clashes in Naples, Molotov Cocktails in LivornoI received an email from Frank who lives in Canada but owns property in Italy writes …

“Hello Mish

Trust me, it really is that bad.

I have a condo on the Adriatic in Italy, and lots of family still there. The local municipal property tax, called Imposta Comunale Immobili (ICI), is paid by anyone who owns property or land, whether they are a resident or not.

Recently, property taxes have gone up fast. Property is now being reassessed at the “real” value instead of the “official” (wink) value.

TV shows highlight the plight of elderly who have had to move out of their own homes into nursing homes because they could not pay property taxes.

My uncle has 6 apartments which he’s owned for many years. He and his children live in 4 and he collects rent on the other 2 to live on. He is getting hammered.

He lived and worked in Canada most of his life but returned to Italy because his daughter married an Italian.

Now he desperately wants to return to Canada, but it’s impossible to sell now.

Frank G.”

Mike “Mish” Shedlock
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