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Laura Bruno – Divine Feminine, Dark Goddess And The May 20 2012 Eclipse – 19 May 2012

These topics keep arising in sessions with clients, my own mini-downloads, and also during last night’s Raph (aka Archangel Raphael) Channeling Event in Madison, so I thought I’d share them here.

You can find loads of information about the May 20th Annular Eclipse, as people in all walks of life are writing about it and honoring it in various ways. The direct path of the eclipse runs from Mt. Fuji in Japan to Mt. Shasta in the US, with a pass over Pyramid Lake, near Reno, NV. People in these and other places are performing activations, meditations and rituals to honor the passing of the Moon in front of the Sun. This type of eclipse does not completely block out the Sun; rather, the darkness that covers the Sun becomes haloed by a “Ring of Fire.” Continue reading


Steve Beckow – We’re All On The Same Side – 19 May 2012

The tomato doesn’t argue with the broccoli

I’ve just been listening to Geoff West deliver the Cosmic Vision News over on Blogtalkradio.


And I was following his assessment of the current head-banging between Drake and Bill Brockbrader, which Cobra has also commented on. As I was doing so I was also considering some things that a new commentator, SaS, (1) was saying and what Geoff himself was saying and … it hit me. Continue reading

Maureen Moss – Energy Upgrades May/June 2012 – 19 May 2012

Dearest Hearts,

As always, I pray you are well during the most potent energetic time to date in our lifetime.

During this month of May and June humanity is being given ascension frequency patterns and new encodements, in preparation for the 12-12-12 and 12-21-12 in the form of powerful energy impulses from the Moon, the Sun, the Planets and more. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Get Ready! – 19 May 2012

Tomorrow, Sunday May 20th, is the solar annular eclipse. Keeping in mind that solar eclipses are all about shedding the old and new beginnings, what is it you would like to create in your new life ahead? This is a great time to go within and rearrange our priorities. Figure out first which world you are choosing to live in. Do you wish to remain in 3D and continue on with your life as it is, or are you eager to embrace a new way of being? Remember, the new world is not about money or status, that belongs to the old world we are departing. What you set your thoughts and intentions on become your reality. Sit down with pencil and paper and go within and figure out what would be your ideal new way of life. Write it down, feel it, think it, be it, dream it. How does this new life make you feel? Happy? How does that happiness feel inside the new you. How has this change impacted your new life? As you do this you will be creating your new world. Continue reading

Ann Albers – Message From Ann And The Angels – 19 May 2012

Message from Ann

Hi All,

Friends and I saw these principles in action in a big way the other day. We were driving back from Sedona after a beautiful day of play when a truck on a mission to kill someone ran up so quickly behind me I thought he was going to hit me. He started to swerve to the next lane to pass me, but there was no room, so I made a motion to him that I’d get over as soon as I could. I did and he passed me with an energy that felt like poison darts aimed at me. We sent him a blast of love, and me having a Catholic upbringing, did what I always do when someone is driving in a manic way – I did the sign of the cross over his car several times and prayed that he arrive safely at his destination without killing anyway. All three of us in the car shook it off, let go, and continued on with our happy conversation. Continue reading

Some Encouranging Words From The Pleiadias Alignment – 19 May 2012

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Lindsey Williams On Dr. Stan’s Radio Liberty – 19 May 2012

(Lucas: This is a view of Lindsey Williams in his fear for the financial world collapse. I just ask to discern this message as it is just about the financial system failing is bad but the good to this collapse is not talked about.)

Lindsey suggests: Get out of paper assets, close your bank account, buy tangible assets; gold & silver, farmland, food. Banks runs now happening all over Europe, the sign to look for is the crack that will happen in the derivatives market which started with JP Morgan’s $2 (now $5) billion dollars loss, the Dollar will be dead by the end of this year no matter how good things look like right now. Derivatives Market Collapse Coming Soon!

http://www.sgtreport.com link to article/video