Steve Beckow – We’re All On The Same Side – 19 May 2012

The tomato doesn’t argue with the broccoli

I’ve just been listening to Geoff West deliver the Cosmic Vision News over on Blogtalkradio.

And I was following his assessment of the current head-banging between Drake and Bill Brockbrader, which Cobra has also commented on. As I was doing so I was also considering some things that a new commentator, SaS, (1) was saying and what Geoff himself was saying and … it hit me.

Holy smokes, we’re becoming blessed with commentators. None of these is hobbled by the cabal. Add to them David Wilcock, Ben Fulford and others and you can see that the global scene is opening up and coming alive with people capable of taking an intelligent look at what’s happening.

Not like all are right; not like all are wrong. But it sure is stimulating to hear what all of them think.  Gives one something to bump up against and form one’s own intelligent opinion.

We seem to get wrapped around the axle arguing with each other in a kind of black-and-white fashion. “I’m right and you’re wrong.” But what we miss is the role of the commentator to stimulate discussion. Not to get it right every time, because we each only have a piece of the puzzle, but to persuade the rest of us to think the matter through for ourselves.

I recall being taught that lesson years and years ago at an est Six Day Training. We had a war game and the workshop divided down into two teams. Individual combat was by rocks, scissors and paper. And each side had to choose a leader, but not democratically (no time for that).

Toshiro Mifune

Of course the opportunity available was to go for leadership and I was walking around at the back of the room considering on what basis I might do that. Up came ideas of personal aggrandizement and service to self. But none of them were powerful  enough to provide a basis for having me go for leadership. It needed to be a contribution to the group or I wasn’t interested.

Then suddenly I had an insight: “The function of a leader is to provide people with someone to come crashing up against and get the measure of themselves. No leader, no emergence.” A good leader was skilful in providing those opportunities and allowing people to emerge as a result of them.

The minute I saw that, I came rushing to the front, walking in that swish-swish karate style.  When I reached the front, I shouted in my best Toshiro Mifune voice: “I am your leader. Sit down.”  To my surprise, everyone did.

Immediately there was a game to play. Without a leader there had been no game. With a leader people had someone to bump up against to see who they were in the matter, what they were made of, what was there for them and not there for them.

And so here too, by Drake, Bill, Geoff, SaS, Cobra and everyone else coming forward and risking sharing their views, the rest of us are enabled to have a supermarket of commentary to listen to and find our own truth.

In the real supermarket, the tomato doesn’t argue with the broccoli, saying, “You’re wrong and I’m right.” Similarly it’s up to us to choose tomato or broccoli, as we see fit. It’s healthy to have a range of food to choose from and a range of opinion. Rather than waste our time arguing among themselves as to who’s right, I’d prefer us to work together where we can and get that we’re all on the same side.

I realize that we’ve just emerged from a time when disinformation was rampant and a Sorcha Faal hid behind every bush. And SaLuSa keeps warning us that we may still be in the tag end of that era. But at some early date we should be emerging from that period.

And all that will be left are those who are possibly coming from ego. But even that should also subside as the energies rise. At some point we need to drop the edge we needed to have to fight the cabal.

And, yes, I do get it. I just finished taking a bite out of Cobra the other day myself. And Drake perhaps a week or two ago. So I’m talking to myself as well. Time to work co-operatively. The day of the self-serving bias is over.


(1) See for instance link to original article


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