Visionkeeper – Get Ready! – 19 May 2012

Tomorrow, Sunday May 20th, is the solar annular eclipse. Keeping in mind that solar eclipses are all about shedding the old and new beginnings, what is it you would like to create in your new life ahead? This is a great time to go within and rearrange our priorities. Figure out first which world you are choosing to live in. Do you wish to remain in 3D and continue on with your life as it is, or are you eager to embrace a new way of being? Remember, the new world is not about money or status, that belongs to the old world we are departing. What you set your thoughts and intentions on become your reality. Sit down with pencil and paper and go within and figure out what would be your ideal new way of life. Write it down, feel it, think it, be it, dream it. How does this new life make you feel? Happy? How does that happiness feel inside the new you. How has this change impacted your new life? As you do this you will be creating your new world.

Solar eclipses have a strong effect on earth’s energy as well as upon us. Solar eclipses are also a powerful time of releasing the old, what no longer works in the world and in our lives. This is a wonderful time to clean out our old ways of thinking and being that will not be a part of the new world. Now is the time to finally give up and shed all the old ways that no longer work in our life and become an empty vessel for the new energies coming in. The 3D energies are crumbling quickly now, so if we are intending to move forward, now is the time to do it. Let us take time to be still with ourselves and nature and envision the old, war mongering, male power structure shifting and blending with the softness of the female power structure creating a new heart centered world. We have already been a female paradigm, we are now leaving the dominating male paradigm, so this is our time to blend the best of both together through the heart.

It is time to shift our consciousness and what better way to do it than with the aid of the solar annular eclipse and its powerful energy boosts. Lots to think about these next two days and the planet is counting on us to give over our thoughts and intentions to making the world a better place. Get close to the earth so you can share her energy at this time. If the weather is nice where you are, go camping, or hiking or have a picnic. Be out in nature where your feet and body can connect with the earth’s energies. Feel her, connect your energy to hers, soak up the energies of the eclipse and be a part of the change. This is our time to help the ascension process along.

We have been working hard to stay centered in our hearts and change our way of thinking to a more loving, gratitude filled way of being. We have done well. This is our time now to push us past the point of turning back. We are ready, we are eager and we know we must do this if we wish to succeed. Join hearts around the world with the beating heart of the planet and be as one with your intentions for world peace, love and gratitude and a shift into higher consciousness.

Blessings to you all,

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