Larry Larson – Twelve Insight Journal – Your Ego Is A Tool – 20 May 2012

Live your life for Spirit and Spirit alone. You are lost without Spirit. Your physical form and your ego-mind are as lost as every other physical thing and being in the world. That’s why your ego gets in such a panic because it sees the logical outcome to all of this worldliness; logic that is based on the limited physical view of the world. Ego cannot escape that logic because it is born of that logic. Your ego is as frangible as everything else born of the world. It’s not who you are: It’s a tool for exploration of the physical, just as your body is a tool for exploration of the physical.
Of course your ego despairs. Ego’s logical conclusion of your world is destruction. The sun goes supernova a billion years from now. Your body ages and dies. The world creates a physical momentum, which left unattended by Spirit, will indeed run out of juice, atrophy, implode upon itself, suffer the demise of entropy and loss. It is the Light of Spirit that activated the whole thing in the first place, and it is the Light of Spirit that fuels the fires, keeps the whole show running.

Spirit is the Big Generator that runs the show. You are an outlet for that Big Generator, and there is an entire field of creation that is plugged into you. They are like your children, your creations, your entire field. Your entire field is plugged into you as their Source — their source of Source — and yes, it’s a lot like the outlets in the wall of your home where you plug in those wonderful appliances of yours. There is a Vast Generator out there that feeds the energy to your world of creation through invisible lines that tie into you, and from there your field of experience is plugged in.

Source is the Big Generator: You decide what gets plugged in. And just as that big generator down the street from your home really doesn’t give a whoop what you plug into your wall outlet, neither does the Source of All. Source is indifferent to what you choose to create, but fully determined that you do it consciously — that you know what you are creating as you create it.

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