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Kurt Nimmo – Provocateurs Entrap Patsies As NATO War Council Plans Mass Murder – 20 May 2012

On Saturday Chicago police arrested three patsies “accused of making Molotov cocktails” and who were “planning to attack President Barack Obama’s campaign headquarters, Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s home and other targets during this weekend’s NATO summit,” according to prosecutors.

Brian Church, Vincent Betterly and Jared Chase are charged with conspiracy to commit terrorism.

The incident follows a familiar pattern. According to defense attorneys, police agents provocateurs are responsible for the Molotov cocktails and the arrests were timed to discredit protests against the NATO war council held this weekend in Chicago. Continue reading

Larry Larson – Twelve Insight Journal – Your Ego Is A Tool – 20 May 2012

Live your life for Spirit and Spirit alone. You are lost without Spirit. Your physical form and your ego-mind are as lost as every other physical thing and being in the world. That’s why your ego gets in such a panic because it sees the logical outcome to all of this worldliness; logic that is based on the limited physical view of the world. Ego cannot escape that logic because it is born of that logic. Your ego is as frangible as everything else born of the world. It’s not who you are: It’s a tool for exploration of the physical, just as your body is a tool for exploration of the physical. Continue reading

Graham Dewyea – Our Galactic Family – With Blossom Goodchild – 21 May 2012

Graham Dewyea interviews Blossom Goodchild, channel of the Federation of Light, on Our Galactic Family, May 20, 8pm EST.

Blossom describes the Federation of Light as the overseers of the overseers, and highly intelligent, loving beings. She will talk about how she came to know them, the October 14, 2008 message from them about their ships making a grand appearance and how that experience impacted her and awoke thousands of people. We’ll also discuss the Pillars of Light, talking openly about our star brothers and sisters, The Neptune exhibition, being of courage in the light and the love, Bill Wood, motherships, how humanity is influencing Disclosure and world events, and more.  Continue reading

Blossom Goodchild – 20 May 2012

May 18th.

Hello again. It is always a pleasure to sit down and converse with you and wondering what each communication shall unfold. So, I hand it over to you to take the lead.

Many thanks. In our usual fashion we would desire only to uplift and exalt.  The coming times are ‘amping up’ that which takes place for you NOW in your today. The energies are building to such a degree that they are almost tipping the scale. Excitement is in the air. Continue reading

Mac Peace – Reboot Of The Grid: Guided Visualization For May 20th/21st 2012 – 20 May 2012

Uploaded by Mac Peace 14 May 2012 on youtube.

Lucas :  As already said in my last article. What hour or day your doing this meditation of visualization does not matter as all will find in syncronisity the way to where it is intented. So do not worry about that. The intent of and just doing it is more important. I like Mac Peace his visualization so I posted it. Had not seen it earlier.

Order Of Melchizedek – Sweet Influences Of The Pleiades – Part 3 – 20 May 2012

“I will open my mouth… I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world.” Matthew 13:35

In the 1st of this series, we shared that we expected a M-class or X-class Solar Eruption between May 17-21, 2012. May 17 – M5.1 was released from the Sun, strong possibility for a stronger one over the next few days.

Continue reading

Kauilapele – A Few Notes On The 16th May Drake Show – 20 May 2012

(Lucas : forgot to post the draft 18 May, will post it now!)

These may be helpful to some of you as you (if you) listen to the 5-16-12 Drake Show mp3s. I just took a few notes, very rough (may have missed a few things), and marked the Part# and time (min:sec). So here we go.

Part 1: 5:45 Martin Luther King wrote speech at Drake’s picnic table Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – The Creator And The Created – 20 May 2012

God said:

In My Name, are you. In My Calling, are you. In My Love, are you. In all that I AM, are you. In all that you are, I AM. In all that, to your eyes, that you are not, I AM. I AM in you, and, therefore, you ARE in all. There is not an iota of the created world that you are not or I am not. We are One inextricably One.

We are in this Creation together. We are also in Heaven together. There is none of Our being apart. We are whole. We are all of it, and We are partners all. I call you My son, yet We are brothers all. I am at the apex of all existence and the non-existent, and, therefore, so are you. Continue reading

John Smallman – Saul – For Eons You Have Lived In Fear Of One Another – 20 May 2012

In the spiritual realms we are watching with delight as you move ever closer to the moment of your most wondrous awakening.  The speed of its approach is quite astonishing as you continue to release judgment, blame, self-righteousness, and self-centeredness, and prepare yourselves to be once more beings only of Love, and all Its divinely propagated aspects, which bring harmony and joy to every situation. Continue reading

John Smallman – Jesus – To Prepare You For The Magnificent Celebrations That Your Awakening Will Initiate – 20 May 2012

As the year 2012 flows calmly and steadily on, much has been occurring which will ensure that the divine outcome planned for humanity is put into effect. Enormous quantities of divine energy have been pouring into your hearts to prepare you for the magnificent celebrations that your awakening will initiate. You have been aiming for this point for eons, and yet your experience has largely led you to believe that humanity as a whole has been making very little spiritual progress.  However, this is not the case.  What has seemed to you to be constant strife — with very little learnt from the suffering that that has caused — has actually been an enormously successful spiritual education for you all. Continue reading