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Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation Of Light – 21 May 2012

There are many ways to describe and to see your current state within duality, and one of these ways is to say you are within a bird cage. This is a metaphor that similarly describes your current state of imprisonment. It is as if you are all living within the confines of a cage, as there is so much for you beyond these walls, barriers and limitations that you can experience if you choose to experience them. We are here to help you see that there is another choice for you. We are not here to bust you out of this cage, for it is your cage. You have designed it, you have constructed it. It is not a cage that has been placed around you by foreign entities of a negative brand. It is you yourselves that wished to experience what life would be like caged like a trapped bird without the wings to soar to your freedom.  Continue reading


John Ward – Euroblown : “To Hell With The Rules” Say Eurozone Members. Maybe Britain Should Be Saying The Same. Far Too Few Brits Are Aware Of Our EU Obligations – 21 May 2012

There is an inverse correlation between imminent poverty and the commitment to the Rule of Law. If ever you doubted that fact, then kop this from Poland’s finance minister Jacek Rostowski: he thinks the ECB should announce its intention to buy unlimited amounts of sovereign debt in the event of a Greek exit from EMU. As to whether this is against EU or ECB statutes, Rostowski describes the fundamental principle underpinning the role of central banking as “a moot point”. Continue reading

Steve Beckow – Grener Waits, Returns, And Explains To Neptune Voyagers – 21 May 2012

Grener, the President of the Intergalactic Council, has apparently been waiting for emotions to clear and feelings to die down around the postponed Neptune expedition before returning to discuss it with us.

Geoff West responded to Grener’s request of Linda Dillon to appear by interviewing him for today’s An Hour with an Angel.  (New time: 5:00 PDT.)


What he had to say was quite pleasing to me to hear and very helpful. Let me summarize part of that interview. Continue reading

DemocrayNow.Org – “No NATO, No War”: U.S. Veterans Of Iraq And Afghanistan Return War Medals At NATO Summit – 21 May 2012

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Ann Anderson AKA Radio Ann – The Council Of Twelve – 21 May 2012

(Lucas: I gave Ann AKA Radio Ann  first for her first channelings a podium on my blog and posted them also in my facebook groups.  She had chosen to stop for a while channeling for personal reasons. I just saw she is back channeling with posting her channelings on other sites. Ann wish you good luck taken your channeling up again.)

This is the Council of Twelve. We have missed our chats with you. We believe that you and your cohort of lightworkers are close to a big change, one that will be apparent in the coming days.

It’s not easy to see the changes in oneself. That is why we point this out. You may not be at all aware of the transformation you have recently undergone or you may not be fully aware of the change in your environment. It is, as your “gosho” says, like being the fish and the water in which it swims. Hard to be objective. Yet, we assert that you have changed, are changing, will continue to change.

The word is evolution.

This is occurring on a mass scale. Be aware that your sources of information (we refer to networks, etc.) are typically far behind the curve in their reporting. Also be aware that they no longer serve the public interest. They serve the corporate interest, so take all you read and hear from the usual sources with a large grain of salt.

Open your eyes, your perspective, your ears and your mind. See underneath the surface and all around it as well. Your world is traveling through the birth canal. You will emerge as a different, more developed entity. The magic of your planet is that many worlds exists simultaneously. You can see this on a superficial level. For example, see the differences between the life of an Afghan villager and a New York City business woman. Would someone from off-planet believe these two lives co-exist on the same world? And yet, they do.

Take care of your own sphere of influence and expand it. Lift your life, your scene, your impact on the world. Do it by being clear. Be clear by slowing your mind. We have noticed that you are chanting at a slower pace, and this is good. It has a calming, centering effect on your consciousness and on your physical nervous system. Avoid overstimulation and anything frantic. Stay calm. Be happy. Enjoy yourself. We love you, the Council of Twelve.

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GONOB – Police Brutality, The Fun Part Of The Job – 21 May 2012

Here is the punching Cop picture link to picture at Gonob of punching Cop

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Who Is William Two Feather? – 21 May 2012

Benjamin Fulford Writes:

Also, the White Dragon Society was offered support by William Twofeather, an Apache war-chief and spiritual war leader of the original native inhabitants of Turtle Island (they call North America Turtle Island because it is shaped like a turtle).

Twofeather told the story of how a group of 30 Apache warriors defeated a US army of 3000 in one of their most famous exploits. Their warriors buried themselves in the ground and breathed through straws. A few carefully camouflaged look-outs waited until the commanding general and his staff were near the warriors before giving the signal to attack. The US force was thus decapitated and demoralized before it even knew what hit them. This is the exact sort of tactic needed to defeat the cabal. Concentrate on the leaders. Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Full Fledged European Bank Run;ECB Deposit Insurance Is Not The Answer; How FDIC Played A Part In The US Real Estate Bust; Monetarist Fools Are Everywhere; Believe In Gold – 21 May 2012

One chart is all it takes to prove a full-fledged European bank run on the banks is well underway in the Club-Med countries and Ireland.

click on chart for sharper image
The above chart is from the Financial Times article The anatomy of the eurozone bank run by Gavyn Davies. Continue reading

Steve Beckow – How We Lived In Third Dimensionality – 21 May 2012

The American Dream was used to allure us

Not like I know, but I’m willing to be that three things lie at the heart of the way we’ve come to live third-dimensionally. They are (1) scarcity, (2) insecurity, and (3) self-servingness.

Several factors have contributed to them taking over our way of life today. There are undoubtedly more, but I think these three among them. Continue reading

Ben Fulford – Full Update – Time For China To Stop Supporting Fascist US Regime – 21 May 2012

We would like to start this week’s report with a special message to Chinese President Hu Jintao: The Chinese people asked the creator to grant the peaceful rise of China to the center of the world stage. You were told this would happen but that you had to promise to end poverty and stop environmental destruction. You have now presided over one of the greatest periods in China’s long and glorious history. However, you were not able to end poverty and stop environmental destruction. We ask you to please not stand in the way of people who wish to accomplish these goals. Specifically, we would like you to stop subsidizing the illegal fascist Obama corporate government with Chinese money. In 2011 alone you supplied them with $295 billion in Chinese subsidies. Please stop doing this. Thank you. Continue reading