Ann Anderson AKA Radio Ann – The Council Of Twelve – 21 May 2012

(Lucas: I gave Ann AKA Radio Ann  first for her first channelings a podium on my blog and posted them also in my facebook groups.  She had chosen to stop for a while channeling for personal reasons. I just saw she is back channeling with posting her channelings on other sites. Ann wish you good luck taken your channeling up again.)

This is the Council of Twelve. We have missed our chats with you. We believe that you and your cohort of lightworkers are close to a big change, one that will be apparent in the coming days.

It’s not easy to see the changes in oneself. That is why we point this out. You may not be at all aware of the transformation you have recently undergone or you may not be fully aware of the change in your environment. It is, as your “gosho” says, like being the fish and the water in which it swims. Hard to be objective. Yet, we assert that you have changed, are changing, will continue to change.

The word is evolution.

This is occurring on a mass scale. Be aware that your sources of information (we refer to networks, etc.) are typically far behind the curve in their reporting. Also be aware that they no longer serve the public interest. They serve the corporate interest, so take all you read and hear from the usual sources with a large grain of salt.

Open your eyes, your perspective, your ears and your mind. See underneath the surface and all around it as well. Your world is traveling through the birth canal. You will emerge as a different, more developed entity. The magic of your planet is that many worlds exists simultaneously. You can see this on a superficial level. For example, see the differences between the life of an Afghan villager and a New York City business woman. Would someone from off-planet believe these two lives co-exist on the same world? And yet, they do.

Take care of your own sphere of influence and expand it. Lift your life, your scene, your impact on the world. Do it by being clear. Be clear by slowing your mind. We have noticed that you are chanting at a slower pace, and this is good. It has a calming, centering effect on your consciousness and on your physical nervous system. Avoid overstimulation and anything frantic. Stay calm. Be happy. Enjoy yourself. We love you, the Council of Twelve. link to original article

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