Lucas – A New Begin – Activation – The Eclipse And Alignment Of 20 May 2012 – 21 May 2012

A grand solar eclipse and alignment with the Pleiades did give us the new energies to bring forward our and Earth’s ascension.  As our chakra’s need to be opened and activated so have the  Earth’s  chakra’s  too.

The seven  Earth’s chakra’s are :

First Chakra:  Mount Shasta, California, USA : Base of Spine

Second Chakra:  Lake Titicaca, Peru-Bolivia, South America:  Creational chakra/ like our sexual chakra

Third Chakra:  Uluru-Kata Tjuta, Northern Territory, Australia:  Solar Plexus

Chakra Four:  Glastonbury and Shaftesbury, England: Heart Chakra

Chakra Five: Great Pyramid, Mount  Sinai, Mount of Olives, Middle East: Throat Chakra

Chakra Six: The Aeon Activation Centre, mobile (currently stationary) :  Brazil will take the coming eons a big role in this: Third Eye Chakra currently conjunct with Heart Chakra

Chakra Seven: Mount Kailas, Tibet:  Crown Chakra.

But our Earth has more Chakra’s sacred sites than the 7 Chakra’s displayed. All those sites including the 7 chakra sites are linked to the 12 (and the original 13) zodiac Signs and therefore link to the cosmic sources of energies.

The other sites are: Haleakala Crater in Hawaii Pacific Ocean, El Tule, Oaxaca and Palenque in Mexico, Table Mountain in South Africa, Tirta Empul in Bali in Indonesia, Mount Fuji in Japan, Lake Rotopounamu in New Zealand, the last site is  in Russia.

All is inside outside reflected at multiple levels as I have mentioned in an other article.  Therefore there are also chakra’s of our galaxy (consisting of the planetary bodies and stars) and universe (consisting of galaxies), etc. Also this is applicable on the multidimensions and parallel universes, etc.

So maybe now you see the connection between your chakra’s  and the chakra’s on other levels.You  see that all is interconnected. A change in the energy flow of a chakra at any level, or even opening, closing or activation influences all. This makes that a small group of earth’s human changing their chakra’s energy flow or by activation or opening of a or more chakra’s  will make a difference on the other levels.

What happened for some years now is that our source via different energy vortexes made changes to our energy points on earth. By adjusting the energy flow Earth will be brought back in 5D step by step in accordance to the 5 D dimensional construct. These energy’s are restoring that what was destroyed or mutilated or was shut down  in the duality struggle in our universe, galaxies and our earth, etc. The total adjustment will take form in vortexes that are part of the big vortex. Those will bring all to the endpoint where all is back to source and all is one. The struggles on earth are crucial in the transformation of the last parts of the adjustments that will bring Oneness in all back. First on earth than in our galaxy and universes that have not been corrected or adjusted yet. All timelines will come to the vortex endpoint.

A new begin is made on our earth by the Mount Shasta activations that will forward the grow in activation of also our human awakened souls towards the ascension of our earth and ourselves.

Let us celebrate the new culminating energies to its finish at the end of our magical year 2012.

Love and Light,


(PS:  Read more about the earth chakra’s and grid at Robert Coon’s – This message is my insight on things.  You can have an other insight or view or  truth. Let others be entitled to their view, insight, opinion or truth without judgement, argument, conflict or comment.)

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3 responses to “Lucas – A New Begin – Activation – The Eclipse And Alignment Of 20 May 2012 – 21 May 2012

  1. How were these chakra sites chosen and by whom? Like who said so. It’s not that it wouldn’t make sense, but how do you know this? Thank you. I do enjoy the posts. Except that too many every day are filling up my email. So I just have to pick and choose which I read.

    • The Source, God, The Creator has chosen dear Ann. No one else. I do not question why or what just see it is.
      As said it is up to you to feel what resonates with you or not. You choose what you read. But there is a lot to read.
      Love and Light,