Montague Keen – 20 May 2012

Your world is on the brink of a Great Awakening. All the right people are coming together, sharing research, and everything is becoming as clear as daylight. Be strong and feel no fear: show no fear and no one can hurt you; as to hurt you, they NEED you to be in FEAR. The ploys used by the Cabal become more evident every day. They tell you in advance what they intend to do. Until now, this went unnoticed by the majority of you, so they felt free to carry it out. I refer to the obvious reference to “WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN if the Twin Towers were attacked ?”. Exactly the same exercise was carried out in London prior to the 7/7 bombings. Now you find placed before you, “What might happen if the London Olympics are bombed ?” Even the most sceptic of you must wonder at this . . .

You see, they need your permission to carry out these plans. Because you ignore their plans, they see this as giving them permission to do whatever they choose. Ask yourselves this, will you be able to live with yourselves if you do nothing, and many thousands die as a result? Please consider this carefully as knowing about this carries a responsibility. Come together, share your research, take the necessary steps to prevent this terrible crime against humanity from happening. We can do so much to help with advice and assistance, but you need to take responsibility for what you have allowed to happen.

I know, my dear, it’s exciting that so many doors are opening. The picture becomes clearer every day. Some of the information regarding your history is so shocking. It is difficult to understand how so-called human beings could inflict such suffering on others. Mind-control was used then and is still used to this day to control humanity. It was perfected in the Third Reich. It shocked you to learn that the gipsies and Jews, etc., were used because of their particular DNA. They were needed, to be used as spare parts in experiments with the Greys. It was never what you were told it was. The experiments were not successful. Those in power have worked with the Greys for many years. You – the sheep – have been kept in complete ignorance.

This cannot be allowed to continue. We cannot stand by and see humanity disappear from the Earth. All it will take is for all of you to say, “NO. I no longer comply with your orders. I will not kill my fellow human beings, just on your say so.”

Religions are man-made to cause fear, divisions and mistrust. Remember what GILAD ATZMON told you had happened, when at the tender age of 18, he was called up for service in the Israeli Army. He was expected to kill Palestinians. He told you, “I looked into their eyes. I could not kill them. It was then that I realised we were on their land.” There speaks a man of integrity. A pure soul whose example should touch the souls of all human beings of good intent. Let Gilad be an example to all of you as someone to emulate. As someone who was born into that particular mind-set, I applaud what he has achieved – would that there were more like him !

There are Dark Forces at work in every country. Some are considerably worse than others. What you are told and what actually is happening are poles apart. Watch the charades of politicans, all pretending to be in power, when they are mere puppets, obeying orders. It is hard to believe that the lies have survived for so long. They are carefully preserved and reinforced, when necessary, to keep you all in your place. The same parasitic elite operates today as it did in ancient times.

You know, my dear, nothing happen by chance. The people who are coming into your life, now, are coming to complete the picture. Some are connecting from past lives. This is why you know them already, though you have only just met. These connections continue through all your lives.

Veronica, you are now seeing clearly why Ireland had to be kept in darkness and under strict control, so that the Cabal could survive. Even today, there are those in Ireland who are desperately trying to prevent the truth from being revealed. Do they not realise that nothing is under cover from us. We will ensure they will not find what they are looking for. Even the scam that the ‘banksters’ carried out, will not prevent Ireland from revealing her secrets. Then the Irish people will learn who they are. Nothing can prevent this from happening. So it has been ordained. It is then that your whole world will come together as one and freedom will be enjoyed by all men. Peace will reign again. Everything that is used to control your minds will be exposed and removed.

See yourselves as an army of Love and Peace, coming together to protect your fellow man. My dear, what you did this week was excellent. We are pleased with the end result. It will serve to open minds and hearts to the truth. I know that sometimes the truth is so awful that it is hard to accept; but until you know the truth, you cannot move on.

You work well together. The energy is great. It blends beautifully and it will inspire many. My sincere thanks to all involved.

We are getting there, my dear. The gathering momentum will bring everything to fruition. Many will try to divert you from this path; but remember, you all chose to be here at this time. This is your mission. Go forward with pride to return your planet to love, light and peace for all men. Applaud those who have the courage to speak out regarding the atrocities experienced by children. Child-abuse is a terrible crime against humanity and those responsible are despicable. It must never, ever, be condoned under any circumstances.

You are living in exciting times, observing the ‘fight’ of good against evil. They will put up a fight but we will always be one step ahead of them. We will not fail !

My dear, please try to get some rest. You have much to do. My grateful thanks goes to all those who help you to establish The Real Truth.

I remain your adoring husband, Monty. link to original article



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