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Visionkeeper – The Grass Is Not Always Greener On The Other Side – 21 May 2012

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With life being hit hard lately with solar flares and eclipses, all of us are having to deal with so many issues rising to the surface that we must do away with. During the eclipse last night I was thinking about what must be the hardest of issues for people to deal with at this time. I would imagine the longing for more and seeing others as better off will be a hard one indeed for we have all been so brainwashed into that mentality. We are constantly under the influence of corporations whose insatiable need for greed forces them to cram their products down our throats every waking moment of our lives. Corporate advertising drives homes their messages via television, often designed to belittle the people, make them feel less than, lacking, wanting,sick, anything but emphasizing the goodness they really are! It is shameful the tactics they use to capture their prey. Continue reading

Greg Giles – The Agarthans – Today’s Message From The Inner Workings Of The Earth – 21 May 2012

Uploaded on PhaqueOrfTV Youtube Channel20 May 2012.

Laura Bruno – Gaia And The May 20, 2012 Eclipse – 21 May 2012

After writing about the Divine Feminine, Dark Goddess and today’s Annular Eclipse, I spent today alternately offering sessions and attempting to finish reading Christine R. Page’s book, “2012 and the Galactic Center: The Return of the Great Mother.” I had bought this book several years ago as part of my research for Schizandra and the Peruvian Jaguar, but I’d never started reading it until Dark Goddess/Mother synchronicities started multiplying exponentially around me. Continue reading

John Ward – Euroblown : The Madness Round-Up – 21 May 2012

It turns out that Richard Bruton’s mis-spoken answer given on Irish radio last week (about a second referendum if the first result is a ‘mistake’) was almost certainly a relatively honest bloke giving a straight answer – rather than a chap in doubt about the arse/elbow alignment.

Unaligned Irish politician Shane Ross argued in yesterday’s Irish Independent that Fine Gael has gone for a quick referendum (by May 31st) for two reasons: first, to get a yes vote before the ClubMed chaos makes such a vote madness for any sane Irish person, and (2) to ensure time for a Second Go before the Fiscal Treaty curtain comes down, leaving the Irish out of Angela Merkel’s Germanism Training Camp fiscal union. Continue reading

Angela Peregoff – The Week Ahead – 21 May 2012

As we sit basking in the dynamic presence of yesterday’s solar eclipse New Moon there is no longer any question that a cosmic acceleration is influencing our times, as we seem to be in the midst of a new level of amplify. For the next couple of weeks our sun is resting in perfect alignment with the central sun Alcyone in the celestial Pleiadian system. This group of stars represents the seven sisters or seven Goddesses in our galaxy. We also stand at the culmination of Wesak, a festival celebration of enlightenment. Continue reading

Lucas – A New Begin – Activation – The Eclipse And Alignment Of 20 May 2012 – 21 May 2012

A grand solar eclipse and alignment with the Pleiades did give us the new energies to bring forward our and Earth’s ascension.  As our chakra’s need to be opened and activated so have the  Earth’s  chakra’s  too.

The seven  Earth’s chakra’s are :

Continue reading

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 21 May 2012

Can you feel the changes around you as the energies continue to rise up, and will continue all the way to Ascension. They are bringing a peace to Earth and your civilization, one that will see many more souls lifting up into the Light. It will have the affect of calming situations that are leading to an aggressive response. Indeed, there are many trouble spots that need it to bring about a cessation of disputes and fighting, and you will see them being turned around. When sufficient people have found the power within to bring a peaceful solution to such problems, they will no longer be a threat to peace. By our reckoning there has not been such a period in your past, when the people have risen up to successfully achieve peace. Naturally there are still Leaders and Dictators that talk of war, and those of the last cabal are still desirous of spreading misery and death. However, talking is all they will be allowed to do, as we can support you in your quest for peace and put a stop to any attempt to do otherwise. Continue reading

Natalie Glasson – Master Djwhal Khul – The Movements Of Time – 21 May 2012

With the brightness of love I move closer to your energy to be of service, I am Master Djwhal Khul, it is the deepest honour to share my wisdomwith you.  I, Master Djwhal Khul, bring a great source of energy to the Earth and your being as I step forward to share my wisdom. It is my wishthat my source of light offers to you the strength that you need to continue along your spiritual path. Breathe the energy of strength into your being, a strength that supports your inner core energies. Continue reading

2012 Solar Eclipse California Of 20 May 2012 – 21 May 2012

Uploaded 20May 2012 by /Annular eclipse as seen from the Mojave desert. Sorry, I mistakenly said it was May 21st, 2012.

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Being Love – 21 May 2012

God said:

Established in being, be. Established in love, love. Being and love are the two steps of your life. As you take a step of love, you are also taking a step of Being. In Being, in actuality, you take no steps. Being just is, and yet We can say for practical purposes that you are made of two steps, Being and Love. Even as Being stays still, We can call it a step. Or We can say that you hop on one foot called Love while We can say that Being is the Road You Travel On or the Porch You Sit In. Continue reading