Steve Beckow – Grener Waits, Returns, And Explains To Neptune Voyagers – 21 May 2012

Grener, the President of the Intergalactic Council, has apparently been waiting for emotions to clear and feelings to die down around the postponed Neptune expedition before returning to discuss it with us.

Geoff West responded to Grener’s request of Linda Dillon to appear by interviewing him for today’s An Hour with an Angel.  (New time: 5:00 PDT.)

What he had to say was quite pleasing to me to hear and very helpful. Let me summarize part of that interview.

Before starting in, let me interject what Grener said about Neptune itself, because many people reported that the fact that the Intergalactic Council came from the local Neptune was hard to believe.

Grener explained that he does not come from the local Neptune, but that the name is common in the universe. He comes from a “Neptune” that the galactics know better as Cee Cee Cee. I have heard the name Cee Cee Cee several times, butI know little about it. Grener said that many of us have had experiences or lifetimes on Cee Cee Cee. (OK, no way I’m going to call a planet Cee Cee Cee; so CCC it is.) So, no to the local Neptune; yes to a distant Neptune.

He also said Disclosure would be leaked, then announced, and then all the facts admitted to. He said that our political leaders are more cautious than our military leaders. Our military leaders have reached the point of understanding that the galactics are emissaries of peace and bring us wonderful technological gifts, but it’s the political leaders who are dragging their feet.

And the smaller, less military nations are also on board.

Oh, and the “slip” from Will Smith’s son, Jaden? It was intentional. “We slipped it in,” Grener said. It was a plant.

Now down to Grener and the Neptune. He said he has waited for this period of time to speak to us because there was such a strong reaction, both positive and negative, to the proposed visit with them. He wishes us to know that his intention was always to have a few of us come home to visit because there are many of us who are starseeds, intergalactics, and members of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies.

Hero in waiting?

But their eagerness was not simply restricted to those they know and love and cherish. It was also an invitation to the human race to understand that the galactics have been present in our atmosphere for hundreds of years, that they also support us, and that they’ve tended Gaia for thousands of years.

Apparently, he’s waited months prior to asking Linda and each of us, and by that he says he meant the hearts of each of us who listened to his message and conversation with them. He’s waited months because this is the way the Intergalactic Council operates.

What they learned the hard way through the Intergalactic Wars is that very often it’s beneficial to simply have a period of time between what we think of as an upset. And he acknowledges that this was a very big emotional upset for many of us and apologizes for that upset.

The gift in the reaction of so many of us, his beloved friends, in stepping forward and saying “yes” in the first instance, in the overwhelming response, was not only a message to our world, to our governments. It was a message to all of them as well, not only UFOG but all their star brothers and sisters about how genuine our heart is in wishing to see and be with them.

Some of us have already come to the ships in our sleep state. That is another matter to discuss, he said. We’ve allowed our disappointment to be replaced with love and that was and continues to be a gift to them.

He said that there were some whose response was reactive, deep, deep disappointment and despair, the feeling that they had either been duped or abandoned. That is never going to happen, he said. The soul contract of the galactics collectively and individually has been to this entire Ascension process and shift. Their commitment is to the rebirth of love on Earth, the Divine Mother’s Plan.

To those who have been disappointed, angry, upset, what the galactics have done is to simply embrace them closer. Their healing technicians have been sending us massive amounts of healing over the past months to address our feelings of being set adrift.

These feelings needed to be released but that was not the intention of the galactics’ invitation. Should they have been more astute? Yes. But he wants us to know that the galactics love us, even those of us they haven’t met as yet. Even those who had some wild clearing to do.

Regarding what it is like energetically for them to receive a party of wild cowboys (my words) like us, he explained that they bring us into their unified field and within that field there is no anger, fear, subterfuge or sabotage in any form. There is cooperation and laughter and joy and other qualities such as discernment and prudence.

They are very careful what they say, do and even show us or share with us so that we don’t get triggered. Because if we’re triggered it’s considered an assault by their unified field. And that is why Ashira called a halt to the visitation. It would have been too much and it would have put people on Earth in a place of fear and danger.

When we encounter a space being who is part of the ground crew it is much the same thing. They still find the barrage of our discordance disconcerting.

So that is what Grener had to say by way of his post-Neptune explanation and message. I personally felt great peacefulness having heard the whole story from him. I lurked in the background listening to the interview and at one point chimed in (not on the air). I feel assuaged and am ready to let Grener back in. Well, maybe if he gives me a trip … and real soon. Maybe…. link to original article


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