Steve Beckow – How We Lived In Third Dimensionality – 21 May 2012

The American Dream was used to allure us

Not like I know, but I’m willing to be that three things lie at the heart of the way we’ve come to live third-dimensionally. They are (1) scarcity, (2) insecurity, and (3) self-servingness.

Several factors have contributed to them taking over our way of life today. There are undoubtedly more, but I think these three among them.

The first is the heaviness and non-conductivity of the third-dimensional body, which prevents higher vibrations from reaching us – until now.  The second appears to have been an alleged dumbing down of the human race millennia ago.

The third is the outworking of a dark plan by the cabal, now being defeated, which sought to concentrate wealth and other resources in fewer and fewer hands and come up with numerous rationales, philosophies, and other strategems that justified exploitation and disempowered the majority of the people.


According to the first factor in our third-dimensional view of life, resources are scarce in the world.  To this way of thinking, there isn’t enough to go around. Resources can’t be shared with everyone. Someone has to go without.

Life became represented as a struggle for survival in which only the fittest survived. Nature was seen as “red in tooth and claw,” ignoring the fact that human society did not need to be because humans can discern and choose to draw on finer, divine qualities.

Life was seen as full of conflict. We were conditioned to compete with those around us rather than share and cooperate. Some won and some lost.

The stronger were the wealthier, the militarily dominant, the people capable of making hard decisions, and so on. We extolled the so-called “free market,” “free enterprise,” and “rugged individualism.”

We arrived at an economic system that ridiculed attempts to spread wealth widely and equitably or create programs that saw to the needs of others, such as minimum wages, social security, universal medicare, pension plans, and so on. These were put down as “socialist” or “communist.”

Society allowed the strongest free rein as the only wise and fair way to overcome scarcity and have the race survive.


A life so lived breeds insecurity. If we lose our strength through disease, old age, or misfortune, we might fall off the ladder, tumble down, and join those deprived of a share in scarce resources. We might never climb back on the ladder of success again. Given our acceptance of the view of the heartlessness of natural selection and the “objectivity” of nature, there would be no one to speak for us or help us once we lost our grip.

Moreover, all of us faced at least old age and so, unless we were able to hoard wealth for our later years, we faced a dismal future. In the last decade, we’ve spent increasingly more of our lives worrying about how life would work out even as the economic and social order concentrated wealth in fewer hands. Many of us faced a wretched future – and do so now. Insecurity is rampant in such a society and grows and grows.

In the meanwhile and of late, those who were chosen to govern us have created a fictional war against non-existent terrorists, which was used as a blind behind which to whittle away our civil rights. The press, the courts, the police forces, the army and all other important pillars of society were suborned and bent to the service of an agenda of world dominance and the subservience of a greatly-reduced population.

A policy of divide and conquer saw the planetary controllers pit one country against another, the classes within a society against each other, the religions, colors, etc. Insecurity, fear and competition all contributed to the centralization of power and resources.


The ego left to its own devices interprets things self-servingly anyways.  But, in my opinion, such a society as this also glorified the ego. Looking out for number one became its dominant social philosophy, consciously or unconsciously. Its business philosophy spoke of sharks stealing lunches, the strongest dominating markets, and the pitiless vanquishing their enemies. Wars were rigged; patriotism was played upon; the media was silenced and bent to the service of captains of industry and, eventually they hoped, masters of the universe.

The interests of the few became the “national interests.” Those who demurred became “domestic terrorists.” Capitalism was extolled as a triumphant philosophy. The crumbs of the table were deemed to trickle down to the masses whose governments more and more abandoned them, surveilled them, and took away their rights.

This way of living produced indebtedness and failure among the many. Work was lost to machines, wages were lowered, and benefits decreased. When the vast majority of the population fell low enough, the 1% rebelled against the 99%, as the elite had always feared it would do.

* * *

Now, as the energies rise dramatically on the planet, we feel a draw to divine qualities such as love, compassion, truth, beauty, peace, and humility. As our minds quiet down, we emerge from a way of life centered around consumption, pleasure, and exploitation. We find ourselves hungering for peace, yearning for truth, and bursting with love.

We feel ourselves awakening from decades of dreaming and seeing that the “good life” that tantalized us was simply a cover for robbing the majority of the population and concentrating power in the hands of an elite. It was about as realistic as pretending that the lottery could be our pension.

It was an impossible dream because it was never intended to be possible. It was merely meant to distract by offering hope. The “American Dream” was just a carrot on a stick, used to drive us forward. Suddenly scarcity, competition, elitism, manipulation, and the awful future that we faced have become revealed for what they are.

We’ve awoken; and we’ve made it plain that we reject the vision of life and society that was sold to us, forced on us, and made to seem self-evident.

As it happens, we’ve had much help in this. I very much doubt we could have done it on our own. Moreover, we’re assured that it won’t take us going to war or overthrowing the elite for things to be put right.

And we’re advised that really all that we need to do is to go no further than embracing divine qualities, including forgiveness of those who intended to do away with us (for such was part of their plan), and to seek peace among a world now seen as composed of brothers and sisters.

We’re told that there has always been enough and that a new economy is coming in which co-operation and sharing are to be stressed and the well-being of all  to be seen to. We’re told that within months, disease on the planet, old age, want and poverty will all be reversed. We’re assured that by the end of the year we won’t recognize ourselves for the blossoming and transformation that will take place.

Assisted by the rising energies of love, allegedly coming from the Heart of One, we’re counselled to let go of all negativity, both that which we were conditioned to and that which we gravitated to when overthrowing the cabal.

All is unknown territory ahead of us and many surprising changes are said to be awaiting us. But at the same time we’re being given the fixative of divine love to enable us, the advantage of recognizable truth to empower us, and the boon of global peace, not here yet but in the offing to be sure, to reassure us.

We awaken from the nightmare and haven’t had time as yet to even catch our breath. But the dream is rapidly receding and soon will live only in our memory, which too, we’re told, will be erased by the capabilities that are being extended to us. link to original article

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