Visionkeeper – The Grass Is Not Always Greener On The Other Side – 21 May 2012

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With life being hit hard lately with solar flares and eclipses, all of us are having to deal with so many issues rising to the surface that we must do away with. During the eclipse last night I was thinking about what must be the hardest of issues for people to deal with at this time. I would imagine the longing for more and seeing others as better off will be a hard one indeed for we have all been so brainwashed into that mentality. We are constantly under the influence of corporations whose insatiable need for greed forces them to cram their products down our throats every waking moment of our lives. Corporate advertising drives homes their messages via television, often designed to belittle the people, make them feel less than, lacking, wanting,sick, anything but emphasizing the goodness they really are! It is shameful the tactics they use to capture their prey.

So here we are having lived a good portion of this lifetime here on earth being made to think a certain way about life. In essence, that we need more, something is always better, we can be better with what they are offering, telling us we are less than without it! Good heavens we even had a shameless President who told the American people to go shopping after we had just experienced the horrors of 9-11! Somehow 9-11 began the slow awakening of the sleeping masses. They could sense the lies, they were stunned by the inappropriateness of George Bush’s comment, SOMETHING was not right and the questioning began. All the messages we received told us to look outside ourselves for answers and security, things would make us whole again. We knew better but we were still under the influence.

This is some long-term brainwashing we are being asked to let go of. To change ones life is difficult enough, to change one’s brainwashing is even harder. My rule of thumb on change is never ask anyone to change their lives without offering them something to take the place of what they are eliminating. People need a plan for their lives, a road map of where they are going. This is why the shift has been hard for so many, we don’t really know where we are going, but shift and change we must. It is imperative we loose this warped concept of something is wrong with us!  Over time we have been pounded with messages of we are depressed so take drugs, we are too fat so take drugs, our children are too hyper so give them drugs. If we were happy campers in our lives we wouldn’t be depressed, or fat or our kids acting out. This insanity has got to stop! We are perfect just as we are, it is what has been done to us that has created these problems.

The grass is never greener on the other side of the road! We just think it is. Instead of looking for ways to be like the other side of the road, we would be wise to make the space we are residing in on our side of the road just the way we want it, and that requires going within. That is where the peace and fulfillment lie, not in what we own or how we live, but rather in who we are and what our morals are. Are we good at our core in the center of our hearts, that is what makes our lives full and rich and meaningful.  This is a very powerful message we must try bring into our lives after a lifetime of being told we are less than, broken, and in need of more. If I had to pick two things for us to work on the most to make this shift they would be 1. TRUST and 2. SEEING OURSELVES AS FINE JUST AS WE ARE!

The trust we need because this time we do not know where we are going. We need to trust that all will be well, that if we stay in our hearts we will be going in the right direction, and we will. The hardest of all will be believing in ourselves, believing we are not broken and flawed after being told the opposite for so long. Try putting a sticky note on your mirror that says ” I am a whole and healthy and happy person just as I am. I love who I am” Say that to yourself in the mirror everyday as many times as you remember. As I always say, our thoughts create our reality. It usually takes change 21 days to take hold so keep at it. You ARE perfect just as you are, you are who you came here to be and be proud of that.

Blessings to you all,

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