Who Is William Two Feather? – 21 May 2012

Benjamin Fulford Writes:

Also, the White Dragon Society was offered support by William Twofeather, an Apache war-chief and spiritual war leader of the original native inhabitants of Turtle Island (they call North America Turtle Island because it is shaped like a turtle).

Twofeather told the story of how a group of 30 Apache warriors defeated a US army of 3000 in one of their most famous exploits. Their warriors buried themselves in the ground and breathed through straws. A few carefully camouflaged look-outs waited until the commanding general and his staff were near the warriors before giving the signal to attack. The US force was thus decapitated and demoralized before it even knew what hit them. This is the exact sort of tactic needed to defeat the cabal. Concentrate on the leaders.

Twofeather was told by tribal elders to visit Japan, Korea, China and the rest of the world to disseminate secret teachings of the Apache and other first nations of Turtle Island. These are mostly spiritual teachings but also involve some very dangerous secret knowledge that can only be passed on to trusted and morally upright people.

Twofeather is also a veteran of the US marine special forces and a proud American who is appalled at what has happened to the country he fought for.


William Two Feather Personal Website


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