Jafree Ozwald – Enlightened Beings How To Get Out Of Your Box And Live Large – 22 May 2012

“Feel ecstatic that there is no end to life. When you have reached the top of one peak, suddenly another peak starts giving you challenges, a higher one, a more arduous climb, a more dangerous reach! The day you have reached that other peak, another emerges, it is peaks upon peaks… an eternal Himalayas of life.”- Osho

Every single one of us lives in some type of box. There’s the one with the physical walls that take the shape of your room, house, mansion or hut. Then there’s your metaphysical box, which holds some form of limiting beliefs and attitudes deeply impressed upon your consciousness. It makes you think, “I can do this, and I definitely cannot do that.” Whatever the formation the walls of your personal box have taken, don’t judge it. Every single problem or limiting belief is there for a very special reason. They are personally designed (by you) to give your mind the illusion of confinement or a false sense of security. This way you will develop a deeper longing and desire to explore this vast infinite Universe that is constantly expanding within you and all around you.

There are quite a few people in this world who tend to always remain inside their homes hypnotized by the TV their entire lives. They fear going outside in Nature, facing the elements and experiencing the world directly. Depending on the day, they either love it or complain about it. Their sacred box has become their cozy nest on a lazy afternoon, and their personal prison on some sleepless night. People tend to either complain or brag about their box, have ready-made excuses for why they can’t alter it, or simply ignore it and pretend they have no power over it. Notice which category you tend to fall into?

With 7 billion people on this planet, you cannot help to find each one of them fascinating. There are those people who love their box, hate their box, are never satisfied with the size of their box, or continuously fretting about the cleanliness and organization of it. There are those who feel overwhelmed about their box because its either to big or too small, too tall or just too narrow. Whatever the size and condition your box is in, its safe to say that it is quite perfect for you. Yes, our Universe is brilliant and it never ever never makes a mistake! There is always perfect order found within the seeming random chaos. Life is always working for you, not against you. If you watch closely, you’ll notice your consciousness is always moving towards your enlightenment and never in the other direction.

One thing that you can do to enlighten your life this week is to embrace your box and take the risk to step out of it and far into the unknown. Hmmmm…can you imagine what that would look like? Perhaps you would take a little adventure to meet the new neighbor who is just a tad beyond your comfort zone. Or you might drive far away and visit a new town you’ve never been to, travel down a long dusty country road you’ve never seen before, and interact with new people you would never imagine reaching out to connect with. It really doesn’t matter what your friends, family or society may say about what is crazy and what is sane. No judgment is as important as participating in the expansion of your Universe. What others deem as safe and predictable is often what leads one closer to being stale, boring and dead.

So it’s important to continuously challenge yourself, AND find peace with where you are now. There is an essential balance contained within a truly happy life, and yet we humans tend to be creatures of habit and don’t usually attempt to do the thing we are afraid to do. Each day is an opportunity to let go of your old belief systems that aren’t serving you and truly become an unstoppable light of love! Think about doing ONE thing this week that you were always afraid to do, yet have always wanted to do. Leap across that raging river and into the peaceful love garden where the grass is growing much greener and bigger. When you do, your mind and heart will have no other choice than to expand.

Always remember that life is a constant maturing process that never ends. This is going to happen for you spiritually, mentally, emotionally and yes even physically, especially if you meditate on the source of love every night! If you’re not taking vital steps each day towards living an amazing life that you love, you might as well move in with the mossy slugs down at the local pond. This is YOUR life and its about you really being alive, not just kind of and sort of alive. You are here to really have FUN, let go of your fears and enjoy every day as much as you possibly can! Why not? Your life is worth it right? Let’s make this your special new life purpose for the rest of this year…ok? Let go of all those “problems” that were spinning in your mind yesterday, for those thoughts are not worth repeating again today. This is your one life and you deserve to live it up and this means you become an unstoppable ball of bliss for all to enjoy!

It will of course be hard to take that very first step out of your box and into this new enlightening territory. Be patient with yourself. You will start to believe in yourself more and more with each courageous step you take. Your box is your friend and your enemy, you can always slip back into it in the future and most likely you will! However, the more you can practice being aware of repetitive thoughts, stories, belief systems, and dramas that cycle around in your head, the easier it will be to step out of them the next time around. Just realize that you have the power within you to manifest anything new that you desire! So why not manifest a more liberated, empowered and happier version of you? Everyone can say that you’re crazy, that’s fine and dandy, you can just whisper the secret to living large in their ear and laugh with them a little harder the next time you meet.

The secret to living large in life is knowing your real nature. Understanding that you are an infinite spiritual being, a soul who has a highly intelligent all-powerful Universe penetrating and surrounding you from all sides. This amazing intelligence runs through every atom and molecule that you can imagine, and it’s always listening to your every thought, guiding your every breath. It is your very best friend of all and it will never abandon you. Once you’ve given up on the idea that you are separate from it, you’ll realize that all is good, on purpose and divine. You’ll know that the greatest power in the Universe lives within you and you no longer have to participate in life with fear. You can live in complete 100% trust knowing that there is nothing to worry about…ever! This is what it takes to be an unstoppable manifesting being who is naturally overflowing with joy, abundance and effortless success every day of your life!

One final thing…I feel it’s vital to understand that everyone in your life is trying (on some conscious or unconscious level) to help you get out of your box. Every new person you meet is a potential best friend, and those who seem to be your enemy are simply your greatest teachers in disguise. So just take this moment to notice where your thickest walls and issues seem to exist in your mind. If you cannot seem to find or remember them, just think about who or what was a “problem” in your life last week. Then thank these illusions for giving you the experience of being separate from your real enlightened free nature. For without these hindrances, you would never know what it feels like to become more conscious and evolve! We are constantly participating in the world of polarity, duality, and when you meet it consciously, head on, you transcend it all. So I invite you to take this day to be grateful for whatever box you are in. No matter what form it takes, or how vague and convoluted it may seem, and appreciate it for what it is. Give it love for it is the next essential step in your awakening journey towards experiencing the amazing Enlightened Beingyou really are.



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