Lee-Anne Peters – The Shadow Side – A Valued Friend! – 22 May 2012

The shadow side (or the ego etc) can be something that frightens many individuals, and so much so that they avoid, deny and mask this important aspect of who we are. Firstly, I will share my interpretation of the shadow side…

Fear, old beliefs, ancient programming, unexpressed emotions, negative thinking, illusion, separation, self doubt and the good old ego (the voice of your hurt and pain) can all be included within the shadow side. Everyone’s shadow side will be different depending on their experiences and what their reactions have been to them. The shadow side usually consists of old stuff from the past, much of which can ‘haunt’ us at any time, and in any moment. For some, this may be VERY overwhelming, especially if there is old hurt and pain within that is just too painful to explore. Some people use ‘crutches’ like alcohol, anger, abuse to hold that shadow side down. However there is only so long you can suppress it before it comes up again!

Now on a soul level, our soul wants us to heal and be free of EVERYTHING that holds us back. So from time to time our soul will present us with people, situations and opportunities to clear this stuff once and for all. When we step back from the drama, we can often see the bigger picture, and usually this bigger picture shows us that we are growing on all levels, that our soul is calling us to heal and that we are strong enough to face this stuff.
The longer we put off exploring and healing our shadow side, the clearer your soul / the Universe will be in regards to presenting opportunities to resolve things. The ‘triggers’ become louder and louder, and usually more challenging to move through, however, on the positive these triggers and situations that are presented to us hold within them great opportunities and jewels for growth.
We learn from our shadow side more about who we are and what we WANT and don’t want in our life. We grow incredibly on those emotional, mental and spiritual levels, and we ALIGN ourselves up with our TRUTH!
Over the years I see many people ignore or deny their shadow side, however based on my personal experience I feel that it is essential to explore and essential to feel what is going on in the deepest darkness of us.
My tips to help you explore your shadow side:
* Know you are strong enough to do it.
* Pay attention to thoughts, beliefs, feelings and situations playing out around you (they are all inter-related).
* Use the self healing tools that you know well. If you don’t know any, please ask someone you feel safe and comfortable with – you don’t have to pay a fortune, in fact there are many free tools.
* Feel, feel, feel… most of our shadow side has been squished in the depths of us because we deny the feeling or don’t want to feel it.
* Write in your journal.
* Be kind to yourself – go gently.
* Ask for help – if you are dealing with huge stuff that is very difficult, then please ask a trusted healer, friend or therapist to assist you.
Yes, it will be confronting… yes, it will be challenging… yes, it may be life changing… however, it will be one of the most rewarding, expanding and essential aspects of you that you can face! If you really want to get to know YOU, then explore EVERYTHING that you are and that includes your deepest darkness.

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