Lisa Gawlas – Today, We Are New – Pure Liquid Potential Creating Form! – 22 May 2012

I just got out of my bath meditation and there are way too many exciting details to wait until tomorrow to share.  So this is a 2 blog Tues-Day!

The first thing I had seen was the “other side” of the Mesa, the very side we witnessed the eclipse on.  The sun had said by our very presence there we activated a unified vortex of energy (front side of the mesa to the back side, merged together at the very top.)

I was then shown our group… not so much the people in the group but the energies as well as the numerology of it all.

We started out as a group of 7, 6 women, 1 man.  7 represents a cycle of spiritual completion, 6 soul partnership, 1  new beginnings.  2 people from our group stayed at the first level of the hike.  2 represents duality (and it separating from us.)  5 climbed as high was we could get representing change.

The group at the highest point consisted of 4 women (each direction on the compass of life and 1 man (creation itself.)

I then saw the amazing energy sea and even more people splashing about within the sea of Thy Will.  Only today I cold feel the “warning flags” being waved as some were having a really hard time in this expanded sea of energy.

Some of the people were trying to hang onto the rocks of “I can’t” as a floating device and the energy of drowning was very prevalent.

This beautiful, vibrant, energetic sea of our life cannot… will not, withstand duality at all.  It will take you under faster than ever before.  Let go… completely and live new!

I thought of the Venus transit coming up… and I had seen something I am not sure how to describe at all.  Maybe like tentacles coming out of the Venus/Sun energy and embedding on various places within every human.  Mine was at the center of my heart at my back.

I thought of Jorge (hor hay) and just asked for clarity… is he real or a part of my meditation?

I seen him knocking at my door and I swear it was sometime in June.  His spirit said he will not look like the image in my meditations, nor will be he as young (sigh of relief there.)  The skin he chose to wear was a part of our past together, a long long time ago when the earth was very different than it is in our conscious history.

He said I may not recognize his form, but I will recognize his energy, which was all he was wearing as he knocked on my front door.

We will have to see how that happens!!!

I thought about my days readings and asked the field are we going to be able to see anything.  Strangely enough I thought of one person on my schedule by name (sure enough that name is on my schedule in my noon position) and I could see her in my meditation… a pool of water on the ground.  Liquid, filled with energy potential… and now bring that pool of water into form.

I have a very deep feeling that her visual represents so much where we are now.  No longer in yesterdays timeline, not quite in our full timeline yet and we, individually as well as collectively decide what form this brand new era on life shall take.  Keep in mind… Action gives way to form!!

I suddenly remembered my first picture of the eclipse yesterday with the heart appearing just under the sun.  I was reminded by our family from the Pleiades that just before I took that shot, I closed my eyes and in that space I could see all 7 sisters each planet represented by a blue orb in my inner field of vision.  The heart in the picture was their gift to us, sent thru the portal of the sun… their love made manifest for having made our way to here.

I thought for a long moment about my own body.  My heart has been having severe palpitations for several weeks now.  I have awoken twice hacking up a lung for a good half hour.  Yesterday the field of energy seemed to squeeze around my heart and lungs and breathing had become purposeful, no longer an unconscious thing.

My heart knows it’s an energy thing… my mind itself worries about my lack of exercise and my 35 year smoking habit… and I have thought so much about the question “what if I die here.”  I need to put a death plan into place!

I suppose I brought all this into my meditation today… and I was shown my heart, my physical heart… as pink and new as a brand new (healthy) baby’s.  I was also reminded that I made the trek to the (almost) top of the Mesa… a bad heart or inferior lungs could not have done that.  Phew…

We have been increasing rapidly in this vibration, affecting the beating of our hearts, the blood in our heads and body. and releasing all of the past Hacking up a lung.  Clearing.)

We Are New!!  I Am beyond grateful!!!!

The last thing I had witnessed in my meditation was the energy from the top of the Mesa… a massive, bright unified energy throwing flowers by the hand fulls over the cliff to us.  As I watched the tremendous bounty of flowers (Shambhala energy) cascade over the cliff, the ocean came to meet the front of the Mesa.

Together we are swimming in the Sea of Thine Will!

No Rocks (heaviness)… Just Us… Buoyant with New Hearts afloat!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of De-Light to All

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