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Jean Haines – Student Struggle: Montreal To Mark 100 Days Of Protests Amid Mass Arrests (VIDEO, PHOTOS) – 22 May 2012

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Monday Mail Mayhem: Anonymous Leaks 1.7 GB Of Justice Dept Data – 22 May 2012

Screenshot from bjs.ojp.usdoj.gov

Screenshot from bjs.ojp.usdoj.gov

The Anonymous hacker group posted 1.7 gigabytes of data on The Pirate Bay. The group says it obtained by hacking into the Justice Department Statistics website. The department also acknowledged that its web server had been breached.

A message accompanying the torrent uploaded by user AnonymousLeaks on The Pirate Bay states that the intention of the action is to “end the corruption that exists, and to truly make those who are being oppressed free.” Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – Today, We Are New – Pure Liquid Potential Creating Form! – 22 May 2012

I just got out of my bath meditation and there are way too many exciting details to wait until tomorrow to share.  So this is a 2 blog Tues-Day!

The first thing I had seen was the “other side” of the Mesa, the very side we witnessed the eclipse on.  The sun had said by our very presence there we activated a unified vortex of energy (front side of the mesa to the back side, merged together at the very top.) Continue reading

Selacia – Humanity’s New Chapter – Understanding Your Role As A Divine Changemaker – Earth’s Pivotal Years – 22 May 2012

Excerpt from Chapter 12, “Earth’s Pivotal Years” by Selacia

Your wise self knows that this unique cycle of time is not the end of life but a transition into new beginnings. Your everyday self, however, may be doubtful. That conditioned part of you remains immersed in linear illusions about what is possible. You have learned to doubt things that you could not prove with your eyes or by other physical means. Continue reading

Ron van Dyke – 2012: Laughing At Legal Entities And Bill Hicks On UFO’s – 22 May 2012

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Lisa Gawles – My Journey And Pictorial Thru The Eclipse In New Mexico – 22 May 2012

Well here we are, the day after the day after!!  I surely feel more coherent than I did yesterday, of course I have only been awake for nearly 20 minutes and its barely 5am.  We will see how the rest of the day goes from here!! Continue reading

Santos Bonacci – Your Body Is The Holy Land! – 22 May 2012

I have been posting videos, interviews  and information from  Santos Bonacci before. Here is the part that he also earlier talked about: your body being the holy land. He explains it very well. Only the sound of the videos is not great, so set your volume at loudest to hear it good or with a headset. Her  is the two-part video from his lecture from 26 april at Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

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