Steve Beckow – Channel Linda Dillon – Universal Mother Mary And Our Father Yahweh : Ride The Waves Of Love Being Sent To Us – 22 May 2012

At my request, Linda Dillon sent along a public reading from the Divine Mother that Linda gave on May 19, 2012, again on the Transition happening during the month of May.

Before we read it, please allow me to say a word about names. The Divine Mother is known by a thousand names (Holy Spirit, Shakti, Wisdom, Royal Glory, Prakriti/Procreatrix, Word, the Sound-Brahman, Aum/Amen, the voice of one crying in the wilderness, etc.). She will come in whatever form the devotee worships her.  Sri Ramakrishna worshipped her as a young girl. Some worship her as the fearsome Kali. Others as pure consciousness.

My understanding is that Linda worships the Divine Mother as Mary.  So she responds to Linda as Mary. When I spoke to her, she came more formally as the “Divine Mother” and bridged “Mary” and the “Divine Mother” by making a symbolic reference to “Mare,” the ocean, which is a common way of referring to the Father. All of that, I believe, was to assist me to recognize her in the form I worship her,  just as “Mary” appeals to Linda.

I encourage you not to conclude by her willingness here to be addressed as Mary that the Divine Mother is somehow restricted to being the Mother of Jesus. That for me would not be a true appreciation. More to the point, I believe she is simply acceding to her devotee’s wish.

Who is actually speaking here is the second member of the Trinity of Father, Mother and Child of God or Self. And, of course, the Trinity is one so the Mother is in fact no other than the Father and the Child. They are not three. All three are profound levels of reality, rather than “persons”: the Transcendental, the Phenomenal, and the Transcendental in the Phenomenal.

The bottom line for me is that whenever the Mother speaks, I listen. As Solomon said, the knowledge of her is more precious than rubies.

Ride the waves of Love being sent to us by Universal Mother Mary and our Father Yahweh

Many times I have said to you “if what it takes for you to go forward, for you to trust and hold hope, if what it takes is for me to show up directly in front of you in your living room, bedroom, office, on the street, I will do so.” And this is exactly what the Father and I are doing right now…

Greetings I AM Mary; Universal Mother, Mother of love, Mother of change, Mother of hope. And yes, sweet angels of mine, my legion of light, my angels of love, you are in the middle of the Transition, you are in the middle of the Shift, you are riding the waves of love that the Father and I are sending directly into your heart, through the portal of your heart, through the Ascension portal of the planet. And from there it is diffusing into each of your chakras, into your body, into your brain and yes there is also energy being sent directly through your crown chakra. It is activating not only your pineal, your hypothalamus, your pituitary; it is activating portions of your hemisphere that have never been activated in the human race.

So you may feel that you are inspired, you may feel that there is not enough room in your head. Make sure, long ago Gabrielle has taught you how to open the valves around your head, at your temples, at your TMJ points, at your occipitals, third/fourth eye, on your crown. Make sure you are loosening and letting the steam out, shall we say, of those valves; this will help with the feeling that there is not enough space in your head. Your heart is expanding naturally and rapidly, your multi-transdimensional self is already traveling back and forth and having experiences.

That is why some of you are exceptionally tired; you are not used to feeling the fullness of your inner-transdimensional selves in the conscious state of reality. And some of you are wondering, ‘where did I go? what did I do?’; pay attention, yes sleep when you are tired. This ability to be transdimensional is coming into your conscious, physical realm so it is not just things that you are doing while you are asleep or in deep meditation, it is to be consciously aware that you are accessing different realities. Think of the qualities as Einstein has described them; allow yourself to go to the 5th, to the 7th, to the 9th, to the 11th, visit with us, visit with the Ascended Masters, visit with your families.

But be aware, it is not a matter of trying to force this, it cannot be forced, this energy that we send you, this love, it penetrates deep within you. You do not control it and we, beloved ones, are not going to turn it down, it is to prepare you for what is coming next. It is the fulfillment of the promise and of my plan and it is the fulfillment of your plan, of your dreams, of your desires. That is why you are on beautiful Gaia at this time; it is to know this Transition and this opening, this miracle of returning to original form. So yes we are helping in the way that we do and as you become more aware of your trans-interdimensional self, you also become more aware of your ability to create.

Each of you are creating magnificently, you don’t think of it in that way and we want you to think of it in that way. We guide you, we ask you to think of it in that way whether you are creating a meal or a relationship, something out of thin air. Do not forget Yahweh and I have given you the creation codes and how to collect those codes. Now what you are doing is bringing those codes, rather than creating in thin air, whether it is a thought or an idea, you are bringing it into physicality. So we want you to practice with us, with this energy of creating in the physical realm as well. You are demonstrating, you are exhibiting into the 3rd, but make no mistake about it, my sweet angels, you are not living there, you do not live there any longer, so get used to it.

I need to tell you, I want to tell you, I wish to tell you as your beloved Mother how well you are doing, whether you are on the crest of the wave or deep in the trough, both are equally valuable, both are equally necessary. You cannot receive and not integrate, you cannot integrate unless you are receiving and you are doing this balance. This is the balance that we have talked to you about forever. It is the balance of give and receive, it is the balance of above and below, within and without, and it is the unifying balance that is bringing all of you together, closer, more intimately than ever before.

But it is also highlighting for each of one you your beautiful, unique, divine self. There isn’t just a portion of you that is angelic or divine, it is all of you, your humanness, your starseed self, your earth-keeper self, your Lemurian, your wingmaker, your Atlantean self and every aspect in every life, in every dimension is anchoring within you, right now! Of course you are tired but we are replenishing you moment to moment, millisecond to millisecond, within your spectrum of time and space. We are closer to you during this phase than ever before.

Many times I have said to you “if what it takes for you to go forward, for you to trust and hold hope, if what it takes is for me to show up directly in front of you in your living room, bedroom, office, on the street, I will do so.” And this is exactly what the Father and I are doing right now. Open your hearts, your job right now is simply to open and surrender and allow and like never before. Leave the rest to us. When you feel inspired to take certain actions whether it is to write an article, cook a meal, see a friend, or lie in bed, do it. That is our plea, that is our request, that is your part of this co-creation.

Yes, we are asking for your unconditional trust, for your infinite faith, we know we have your love. But let us move beloved ones to the next level; join us in the infinity of creation, in the infinity of faith, in the infinity of trust and love. Limitation is dead and there have been many halleluiah choruses to celebrate this. Join with me; join with me this and every day. We are with you. Go with my love and go in peace and if you need assistance simply call; we are on call. Your star brothers and sisters sometimes speak of being on high alert, well beloved ones heaven and the entire Company of Heaven is on high alert. We love you. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 05-19-12 via link to original article

via Steve Beckow with intro : link to article


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