The Galactic Free Press – The Daily Blue Star UFOs Report – Yes! Are We Really Here? – 22 May 2012

Greetings Love Beings,

I was just wondering how come noone took a video of the eclipse AND some UFOs…

Ask ynd you shall get!

Here we are!

Thank you for sharing and informing everyone you can… it’s IMPORTANT! The more we get out at people, the less will they be afraid.

Spread Love as Love’s what you Are


UFO Sightings Solar Eclipse May 20 2012 Incredible Footage!

Burning UFO Or Meteor Over Peru 2012

UFO Sightings the netherlands Emmen?

UFO sighting during lightning / thunder storm

(May 22 2012) LARGE DIAMOND UFO over backyard

Large BRIGHT UFO May 22 2012 NEW YORK

UFOs Over Serbia Incredible Footage Watch Now! May 21 2012

unbelievable UFO filmed over FRESNO !

2 UFOs flying over Stouffville, Ontario, Canada 20 May 2012

‪UFO’s OVER THE U.S. MARCH 2012 As seen on Tercer Milenio.‬

Re: UFOs Confirmed In Suns Orbit 2012 (Stephen Hannard)

UFO ovni over Sinaloa Mexico 20/5/2012

Convegni e Seminari

LOVE YOU, and thanks for sharing!

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