Wes Annac – The Self-Instated Block – 22 May 2012

There is always a part of me who will forever want to continue on in the familiar, daily grind, which includes updating my site every day. Lately it seems there is a newer part of myself arising, surely in preparation for my own already unfolding ascension, who wishes to revamp every aspect of my Life and what I’m used to perceiving as ‘normal’ and to upgrade my perceptions, so to speak.

This has been a very difficult process as I realize the many parts of myself who are not yet comfortable with change and who only wish to continue in this paradigm that I have been familiar with in every form that it has to offer.

For example, I’ve been guided to begin vocally bringing through messages from our ascended brethren rather than via typed form, which for many including myself [at first] may seem like a small change-up that should not matter much to the overall quality and purity of the message. I’ve learned that this is apparently not so, as the power and purity one can attain by bringing through the energies of one’s Guides in as pure of a way as literally having them expressed through voice, does bring an overall Lightness to the communication and an overall flow that just can’t be matched. 

However, there is still that part of me who is comfortable with typing the impressions given by our Guides, and this part of me has been strong in its influence and I’ve noticed that with most things blocking me from a full transmutation of ego, fear is backing my own resonance with how this undeveloped part of me still feels.

When one begins to clearly perceive their true, undistorted form while at the same time still existing with and giving into the demands of ego, a block is developed. This block makes it difficult to perform the daily duties that one becomes used to, as that is the entire point of a block, is it not?

However, this seems to be a different type of block. A catalytic block that is perhaps needed, and I say this due to the specific conditions of this block. Parts of me do not thrive reading and bringing through channeled messages in the traditional formats that I have been used to. Parts of me do not thrive as much as usual when updating my site every day. However, when I’m able to find a calm center and get out, away from everything and into the nature that I’m beginning to realize truly is right in my backyard; this is when I am beginning to thrive.

This is why I feel that this block is perhaps needed and is perhaps pushing me toward eliminating my own self-instated causes of stress when it comes to the work that I perform. Nobody should be performing any aspect of this wonderful and amazing work if it means stress for themselves, and again when it comes to this work the stress is usually self-instated because one can forget that the most important aspects of this ascension no matter which role you are here to play at this time, is to make sure at all times that the SELF is in alignment and experiencing the happiness and the freedoms that our higher dimensional selves who are coming to and through us at this time, need very much to be able to thrive and express themselves through our temples as we become this pure soul whom is us.

I have had a message from our dear Ascended Masters that I have been sitting on for days, because the work to edit it and ‘polish it up’ so to speak has just seemed too tedious and mind-numbing, while I have also found myself getting out much more and being out in nature these past few days, discovering new things about this area I Live in and about myself alike, and feeling in alignment with mySELF and with the structure and soul of Mother Earth. Can I really say that this is a bad thing?

Surely, there will be that part of me who will feel bad until I have the message published for all to benefit from, but perhaps that part of me, while based in my perception of service-to-others, is still based more in ego than one would realize, as this part of myself would surely see me unhappy if it meant the benefit of so many other dear souls. What is a moment of unhappiness in myself that can be transmuted if it is for the benefit of so many dear friends and fellow awakening souls?

Again, I have found myself now, with the help of course of my Guides and my higher self, pushing up against those thoughts and feelings, and realizing that the most important thing for myself and for all of us as well, is to simply feel free, Light and happy and for me, if that means occasionally sitting on a channeled message for longer than intended or going without updating the site for a day or two in favor of actually getting out, and experiencing the beginnings of the higher dimensional freedoms that we will all be experiencing so very soon; perhaps that is not as bad of a thing as I have been making it out to be in myself.

This is just one issue and lesson in myself that is being learned as I am restructured into my Divine, multidimensional SELF in more pure ways than has been so thus far. Much of the guidance that has been given through me recently has been about ego and the forgiveness and transmutation of ego, and I am realizing that that common theme has been more for my benefit and the benefit of those who are going through these lessons in such intensity as well, than anybody else and that shows me the need to begin forgiving and transmuting ego on a real, personal level, so that our Guides when speaking through me will no longer have to work with and through this aforementioned catalytic block that I have established in myself, which they work through by informing me and us about it and what drives it.

When they continue to inform of the ego and of information about the ego that has already been expressed, that is when one can know that a block is being instated that they are continually attempting to work through.

It is hoped with my continual writings on my own process and the transmutation of my own ego in every aspect and form that it takes, that others who are also going through these lessons will benefit from them. Surely many do not yet realize that the transmutation and forgiving of ego is about the biggest and most difficult and intense Life lesson that we will all have to go through, and it can be said that at this point, nearly everybody who is awakening and finding their higher selves should be ingrained in such lessons but as always, there is no judgment as everybody is on the path that they should be on.

For now, I personally am going to continue learning these lessons and continue finding my own freedom, Peace and happiness while working happily with all of myself that can be mustered up in this current moment, to perform this work for the Light that I have always enjoyed and will continue to enjoy performing.

Wes Annac – Incarnate Rep., GF and PHC

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One response to “Wes Annac – The Self-Instated Block – 22 May 2012

  1. Wes,
    Your honesty and forthrightness in sharing your Ascension process
    gives encouragement to all on the Ascension pathway.
    Know that regardless of your own questioning of how your process
    may have affected the messages that you deliver….they are/were
    all instructional and received by all who read them with thanks for
    the growth in all of us that they/you have inspired.
    Namaste’ to you Dear One. Will I am