Steve Beckow – See You There – 23 May 2012

One thing I notice when I feel complete is that I then have room to play.

Life is complete as a drama. Oh sure, I can inject the dramatic into life at any time if I so choose. But life as a big ship I was steering to reach a safe harbor is over and I’m back in life as a pleasure craft that I can sail or paddle about in as I please. The seriousness and sombreness of life is gone and life becomes my creation again.

Out the window go considerations of needing this credential to do that work or having to follow this procedure for doing that activity. Life just becomes about what’s next and what’s next and what’s next.

And there’s no striving. No efforting, Werner used to call it. No struggling. I’m free to do or not, as I please.

There is a quality of in-the-moment nowness to everything. As I look around my room I notice that it’s a mess and I usually keep it quite clean. But I also notice that I was keeping it quite clean as a discipline and discipline has fallen away. Need has disappeared and there’s precious little of want. I’m just happy sitting here, swaying back and forth and simply breathing.

Life has a neutral quality and I feel no further attraction to the peripheries. There’s something homey and comfortable about being right here in the center, with nowhere to go and nothing to do.

Lao Tzu on Heavenly Blessings talked about the Tao as the “Middle Way.” And many of our sources have discussed the desirability of being centered and balanced, calm and peaceful. The Universal Mother in An Hour with an Angel on May 7 referred again and again to the Father as stillness. Someone else was writing a column about the stillpoint and the zero point.

We keep pointing to the same place over and over and yet I for some reason steadfastly refuse to really get it. The stillpoint at the center of our being, known through the Middle Way, felt by the calm and balanced, centered and grounded. The Return to the Father. The stilling of the mind. Letting go, letting go, letting go until we reach ultimate emptiness. How many ways can it be described?

In the middle, in the center, in the stillness, in balance, grounded … all pointing at the same bull’s eye at the center of the target. Nowhere to go. Nothing to do.

The missing piece for me has been that I needed to be complete with all that this life has to offer before I would settle down like a duck in a nest, right here in the center.

Well, here I am, wiggling my behind and settling into my nest. You know where to find me. Right here. Right here in the center, in the middle, in the stillpoint.

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