Conscious Life News – Help Stop A Disastrous Anti-supplement Amendment – 24 May 2012

(Source: Alliance for Natural Health USA)

Senator Dick Durbin is once again attempting to get rid of your supplements, and it may happen unless you act NOW.

There is an FDA bill before the Senate that is relatively uncontroversial, but it’s considered a “must-pass” bill. Sen. Durbin is planning to offer a last-minute amendment to that bill, slipping it in under the radar and piggy-backing it on a bill that will go through without debate. This amendment will destroy DSHEA—the law that protects your supplements from unnecessary government intrusion and regulation.

The amendment says, among other things, that supplement companies must register their products with the FDA within 30 days, or they will be considered “misbranded” and companies will be subject to outrageous financial penalties, possibly even jail time. To avoid this, many companies will simply remove their supplements from the shelves until they are able to comply with the new requirement.

That’s right. Thirty days after this law goes into effect, many supplements will disappear.

There are several other dirty tricks this amendment will do. We need you to contact your senators IMMEDIATELY and tell them to vote NO on the Durbin dietary supplement amendment.

We can’t express how dangerous this amendment is, or how urgent it is that you take action NOW.


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